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    There is big imbalance in game. Mercenaries should be hero version of rangers, they're underpowered (UP) they have weaker dmg and firing speed I think they could be better on range than ranger maybe more accuracy, and stats similar to rangers with bit more health. Commandos are way better than MG's and there is no point of using greanade launcher, bombardier is 5 times better. Scavenger hero perk is so usless something like 1 more amunition per kill is ridiculous. What do you think guys?

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    Mercernary's used to b MUCH stronger,but i agree they r kind of worthless now more or less,Grenade launchers have an advantage over bombardiers in their quick reload and rather rapid fire,so they r viable in some instances. And yea,scavenger perk is crap.


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      Here is some perspective for you
      • After already reaching level 50, having all the Heroes, completing all the Medals, having all the Hero Perks on my PSN account, I started playing game from scratch on Steam where my first Hero unit was the Mercenary (before I even recruited Ranger). I found it extremely useful in the early game. It is in many ways just as good as having Commando early. The Mercenary range is a real advantage of that unit, but the problem it faces is other unit choices are simply better compared apples to apples. It isn't as poor a choice as the Assault. Supposedly it was a real powerhouse unit before I started playing (around December 2015), but what I played was a good early unit, soon replaced by other units (like Ranger)
      • The Machine Gunner is actually a powerhouse of a unit and one special thing about it is that it shoots low to the ground so is really good at clearing out barbwire while shooting any whatever is on other side of barbwire. The only issue is the high cost of use, but once you have good enough Minimum Wage Perks, it can be great unit for your squad. It also pairs really well with Commando. No need to waste Perk slot on Rapid Deployment, and you can have lots of these big machine gun killers in your squad. You can consider Commando to be better because they are cheaper, already have Hero Perk slot unlocked, and have more health. The Machine Gunner once you open up Hero Perk slot has higher damage potential.
      • Grenade Launchers are much better in PvP than Bombardiers. I found this out first hand during Special Operation called Launchers Laugh Last. Try using them with Colonels and you will see. Bombardier are better in Defense. This is a bit like Flamers being better in PvP and Chemist better in Defense.
      • Scavenger Perk can be really useful if you are wanting to maximize your Munitions earnings. Watch some videos from Odytsak where he is using Scavenger and Kill Streaks to make 50,000+ munitions in single PvP battle. Scavenger is off course worthless in Defense.
      Edit: Err, not 1/2 million... I read extra zero
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        half a mil from a single battle!..i gotta see that..edit; couldnt find it
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          Originally posted by MastaKilla*PC View Post
          half a mil from a single battle!..i gotta see that..edit; couldnt find it
          I'd like to see that as well! Lol


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            Originally posted by MastaKilla*PC View Post
            half a mil from a single battle!..i gotta see that..edit; couldnt find it
            My bad, it isn't 500,000+, it is 50,000+ Munitions from single PvP battle. He updates such high scoring / earning routinely even without Scavenger, but I think the highest I have seen are with Scavenger equipped. Lately he is more interested in XP, so not using Scavenger as much.

            Here is a recent video I could find with 60,000+ Munitions


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              I love Scavenger hero perk, I use it on all my units now, of course not to Riot.

              PS4/Steam: odytsak