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Hey devs I think it's time to adjust some of the missions… 50 headquarter kills?

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  • Hey devs I think it's time to adjust some of the missions… 50 headquarter kills?

    I want to start out by saying I've been here since almost day one, Waiting patiently for this game to become what I think it could be… But all for not. I'm not sure why the developers take so long to implement simple things it's depressing and sad at the same time. With that out of the way when you fix this stupid mission and a few others [snipers and sharpshooters/machine gunners and commandos should be the same unit for completing the challenges]

    It's absolutely annoying and takes way too many games to accomplish. I'm at 46 kills at the moment that I just finally got the last four and the game crashed I'm absolutely livid. it's taken me 20+ games so far sad face

    I switched all my command cards to snipers and machine gunners unfortunately the surgeons keep reviving the stupid enemies.

    Thanks a lot

    A frustrated Guns up Player

    PS it's been two years since I've seen the ego/telemetric's cards it has to be a glitch at this point remember back when players were limited to the amount of valor they require I think I'm not able to these two command cards but I have a crap load of all the other ones. Please fix it or look into it or just give me both cards on this account thanks in advance.

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    Hi capper,

    I hope you don't take this wrong way, but Barricade to me is one of the easier Defend related Missions. It can usually be done in one go within 5 waves of the new CPU Defend.

    Maybe you will find this useful

    Really not doing anything special other than equipping HQ Defender cards and taking out tents / structures before playing (and sending out veterans to go after enemy truck)
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      This is actually a very easy level 3 mission to complete. Don't use HQ Squads, instead run only defender cards that fight inside of your HQ. Use missiles and bombs to take out your own fortifications, so the enemy can reach your base quicker and easier. You can usually have this done in 1 to 2 defends.


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        i agree this mission sucks,you basically have to dismantle your base unless maybe it sucks n they can trample it anyway in order for them to even get close to HQ. N good chance by the time they do trample it,it is such a large force your HQ isnt gonna get much done because they destroy it very fast. I been sitting on this exact mission for awhile not willing to go thru the bs needed to get it done..,my base is actually kind of small tho,maybe it wouldnt b SO bad for me. Cept i got no HQ cards cuz i recycle them cuz they basically suck except for this exact purpose. O well,guess ill keep sitting on it hoping sumday it will hatch.


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          Originally posted by MastaKilla*PC View Post
          Cept i got no HQ cards cuz i recycle them cuz they basically suck except for this exact purpose.
          In case you don't have much HQ Defender cards, you have to go more out of your way to make situation where your HQ can get more kills. Here is an example

          I agree, if you don't have 6 HQ Defender cards, this mission can be much more of a pain. For instance, I killed off my veterans just to be able to complete this mission and while I left my base in gimped stage doing this, attackers had a free ride at my base.

          Advice: Keep those HQ Defender cards so you can do this mission more easily as needed.
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            I hate having to rearrange my base for mission… If they made it so the units that spawned kills counted that would be fine. It's just frustrating to have to go through and change my cards. Some of my bases my tent placement is optimal and deleting them and replacing them would be a pain in the butt.

            Cusman no offense taken. I'm just frustrated that the developers lag on such simple fixes. And new players will have a much more difficult time with some of these challenges/missions