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  • Algumas idéias

    [4/6 18:22] Clésio: Senhores desenvolvedores, se puderem, peço que avaliem essas idéias. Acho que podem trazer um ânimo à mais para as batalhas de aliança.
    1 => Fechar as alianças por 3 temporadas seguidas. Assim, evita a migração de jogadores.
    2 => premiar os 10 melhores de cada aliança com um pacote elite. Mas somente das 15 primeiras alianças.
    3 => mudar a ordem das alianças no ranking. Tem que existir 1,2, e 3 colocados.
    1 platina.
    2 diamante
    3 rubi
    4 ametista
    5 topázio. Não necessariamente essas pedras ou nessa ordem. É só um exemplo.
    Do 6 para baixo continua a fórmula que é hoje.
    Assim acho que teria uma competição maior pelas primeiras posições. E seria mais fácil para os comandantes conhecerem seus jogadores.
    Fiquem a vontade para sugestões.

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    I liked the ideas and I think they could be used.


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      Originally posted by granturismo1513 View Post
      Gentlemen, if you can, I ask you to evaluate these ideas. I think they can bring some extra spirits to the alliance battles. 1 => Close alliances for 3 consecutive seasons. Thus, it avoids the migration of players. 2 => reward the top 10 of each alliance with an elite pack. But only the first 15 alliances. 3 => change the order of alliances in the ranking. There must be 1,2, and 3 placed. Being; 1 platinum. 2 diamond 3 ruby 4 amethyst 5 topaz. Not necessarily these stones or in that order. Just an example. From the 6 down continues the formula it is today. So I think there would be more competition for the top positions. And it would be easier for commanders to get to know their players. Feel free to make suggestions.
      My perspective
      1. (Close Alliances for 3 Seasons) doesn't change anything for me. Seems an arbitrary restriction to prevent mercenary players working for highest bid but whatever.
      2. (Reward top 10 of each alliance with an Elite Pack. But only the first 15 Alliances) is selfishly stated to favor only top 15 Alliances. If something like this is implemented, it should apply in a tiered way all the way down the list. Seems pointless to me since all members of Alliance receive their earned Alliance tier rewards already.
      3. (change order of alliances in rankings) is poorly described. I don't think it is needed. If the reward tiers are not 1st, 2nd, 3rd, there is no point in badging 1st, 2nd, 3rd, (to 5th?) individually and then giving everyone else tiered participation badges. I don't want to them to dirty up the interface or do anything to make game load screens any slower.
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