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New ideas for upcoming patch.

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  • New ideas for upcoming patch.

    Hello GU game and developers.

    Here’s a bunch of ideas I’ve come up with, after playing this game since launch. Do with it as you wish!

    Explosions leave craters.

    Destroyed building leave ruins.

    Troops could use craters and ruins for light/heavy cover reducing damage taken (similar to “Dawn of War” games).

    Mortar teams which could shoot either shells for damage or smoke for cover (smoke only, not gas).

    Possibility to upgrade common cards, such as missile, napalm strike and bombing runs, increasing their damage and range.

    Possibility of supressive fire, slowing down or pinning enemy units.

    New scout unit, lightly armored and armed, capable of gathering information about the enemy. Could not attack at all. Could be somewhat stealthed with the possibility of being discovered by the enemy. Every attacking player could have two or three of theses at the beginning of an attack.

    Engineers could cut barbed wire.

    Alliance wars (not just battles).

    Alliance wars and battles could use a map system, divided into many territories. Instead of fighting individual battles, players could choose specific points in the map to invade, gather troops and contest. There could be strategic points in this map which would grant resources. Alliances could build strongholds and get wiped out for good. Could restart every year or go on indefinitely (similar to sandbox games like EVE online).

    Defense could be restructured so that players could use their unit cap (for example 35, 42, or so), to distribute their units according to their liking. Troops should be able to stand on platforms on walls or on top of other defensive structures (similar to Stronghold game series).

    Rework the paratroopers which are an excellent card, but drop only one kind of unit. Maybe players should be able to customize their paratrooper teams in advance, adding units they like and fitting better their strategy.

    No-heroes game mode.

    Add different seasons like winter, autumn, spring and summer for a change.

    Using the map alliance war mentioned above, give players the options to choose and conquer different terrains to build their base on. Like in forests, swamps, mountaintops, arctic regions, deserts, big and small cities, and so on. Each place could have its own advantages and disadvantages (similar to Imperia Online browser game).

    Add rivers and lakes, add vehicles which could be quite powerful but somewhat like veterans could be destroyed for good, and be very expensive to replace. For example: a tank in real life costs something like U$ 20 000 000. Sounds fair.

    Instead of starting with an X quantity of resources at the beginning of every battle, players could have a certain quantity of resources which they could take on to every battle. They would have to learn how to manage it, so they would not overspend and be without resources at a given point in the game.

    Landmines could be used on defense. Engineers should be able to disarm them.

    Rework units so that players could organize squads according to their liking. 8-man, 10-man, 15-man squads, whatever. Then you should be able to take a certain number of squads in an invasion and that’s it (similar to Close Combat game series).

    Units should always seek cover behind rocks, stumps, fallen trees and the like, reducing damage taken and enemy accuracy. They should Never stay on the open waiting for a bullet in the chest and serving as target practice.

    Add a hierarchical system which would make units fight more efficiently, just like in real life. There could be soldiers, corporals, sergeants, lieutenants, captains, majors, colonels and so on. Units could get promoted, but once they were killed they would be dead for good.

    Add a lot of brushes and vegetation, just like real life, and while units would transit on these, they would be stealthed, just like in real life, reducing spotting chance. Spotting and concealment would become and important part of the game, even opening the possibility of ambushes.

    Defenders should be able to prepare ambushes.

    Give attackers the possibility to pause the game/regroup and make an strategy. Somewhat like, attack here, attack there and there, instead of just let the troops rush in and die.

    Could add a truck/tractor to gather resources during offline time (like those from Command and Conquer: Generals). Then we could spend these resources when logging in.

    Could add a tech tree with different nations, like in World of Tanks game. Then add units, weapons, defensive systems and so on to unlock. There is so much different weapons, nations and troops around the world, this could go on almost infinitely. Some of these could be premium, bought only with gold, just as it is in WoT. But even premium items should have weak and strong points to balance them with non-premium items.

    To make certain cards less OP, using the tech tree mentioned above, we could unlock certain gears and outfits capable of carying such gear. For example, the chlorine gas. We could configure a squad, and then add certain grenades as side weapons. So grunts could carry fragmentation grenades, grenade launchers could throw some smokes, and the flamethrower could throw the chlorine gas. Then instead of casting it with no range, the unit itself would throw it, thus with a limited range. It would not be 100% accurate either, making accuracy another big thing.

    Don’t know if this is important, but to make things more realistic could rework the loadout/composition of current units. The machinegunner should be a three man team. The gunner, the assistant who carries the ammunition and helps with weapon jams, and a riflemen which stays back for support. The sniper should be a two man team, the sniper and the spotter and so on. If you guys decide to use the tech tree and nations ideas mentioned above, there are so many different compositions in armies around the world that it would be almost endless. Yet I believe one of the coolest thing would be to form our own squads (for example, in WW2, Germany had a platoon formation of: 1 squad leader, 1 second in command, 1 gunner, 1 Assistant, 1 support (which was a riflemen), and 5 other riflemen, making it a 10 man squad. But this was different from Brazilian troops, which worked on 8 men-platoons).

    Could add a bombard/cannon tower, which would be quite powerful, yet more accurate against vehicles and slow to reload.

    Don’t know if this fits the game scenario, but maybe could add a drone technology or a hacker unit, which could temporarily jam enemy defenses. In Command and Conquer: Generals, these units belonged to the USA and China respectively.

    Like in C&C Generals, players could unlock some exclusive resources, technologies or boosts upon reaching certain levels. We would have to choose the new abilities from a list, let’s say one of three every time. Then maybe if we wanted to reset/choose new abilities, we could pay with gold. For example: if playing with the USA, at level one you could choose between: paladin tank, b-52 bomber or spy drone. Then at level three there were three different choices (don’t really remember all of them), and so on. Since there are currently 50 levels in GU, maybe this could happen at every 10th level, or 5th level or so. In the Starcraft II campaign there was a similar feature, in which you could choose exclusive technologies from two different tech trees.

    If units one day become able to equip different gear, how about an action house, just like in Diablo II (before it was taken down). That could really bring players together.

    How about if we could also invade the enemy AI? I mean, those guys dressed in black and red are really trying to take over our base, maybe there could be a game mode against the computer in reverse as well. So we could defend agaíst ever more difficult waves as it is today, but could also invade ever more difficult bases, when that siren goes on.

    Don’t know if this fits the scenario either, but maybe the tents house troops, determining the unit cap? So to keep expanding them would mean more troops in the field for invasion/defense? This would be the same concept of “houses” or “farms” in other RTS games.

    The bases could have some power plants responsible for keeping automated defenses running (like the anti-air, for example). If they were destroyed, power would be down and defenses would not work.

    This is a bit off, but could be quite interesting. Suppose the facilities which launch the specials were also buildings in our bases? Like the airport for the planes, or the missile silos for the... err... missiles. These could be used in defense but also could be destroyed for big rewards.

    Using the idea mentioned above: so if instead of having a given number or missiles, bombing runs, etc, we had those facilities in our bases and could improve them like normal buildings. And then, the more we improved the more powerful they would get, and would maybe improve deployment time during offenses. So, when we attack, instead of having a certain number of missiles, we would get an ability with a cooldown time, similar to the clock currently in game, but with characteristics dependable on the facilities we had home.

    At night, visibility could be reduced. We could not see the enemy who was far, in CPU defense we would not see far away troops coming.

    Troops could assault with bayonets and grenades like in real life. Sometimes it pays to get close and personal.

    Maybe like in Fallout Shelter game (for Android), we could expand our base downwards? Maybe it would not play any role in invasions/defenses, but we could build munitions rooms, training rooms, research rooms, etc.

    Could add some historical battles/campaigns with exclusive challenges and rewards? And as a bonus would give players some info on real history too? Like operation Market Garden, Operation Barbarossa, and só on? I think that would be pretty rad. Imagine, playing the Battle of Kursk (good old times Battlefield 1942)?

    Maybe some missions with a villain/hero side players could choose to perform? For example, suppose a village was under assault from mercenaries. Players could choose to defend the villagers and get reward X, being the heroes, or join the pillage and get reward Y being the villains.

    Thanks so much!

    Last edited by molinari_gustavo; 06-10-2018, 12:11 AM. Reason: Added more ideas.

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    A few of these were mentioned in the past but you have some really nice ideas. I hope GU! isnt dead and the Team take a look into this topic. Gj.


    • molinari_gustavo
      molinari_gustavo commented
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      Thanks, ZonaDeFuego! I hope so, too. The game is great, if the developers work with the community, it is certainly a way to success! See you!

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    Thanks for the feedback, lots of really great suggestions!


    • cusman
      cusman commented
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      Encouraging that you are still taking in feedback. I have growing concern that nothing new is being developed. Things have been just too quite since the Diamond Perks which were game changing, but not really the kind of "new" content that I think people are hoping and waiting for.

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    I would like to see some Defensive and Offensive perk slots. Every unit will have 3 perk slots and 1 hero perk slot for DEFENSE...and 3 slots and 1 hero slot for OFFENSE. So a total of 8 slots. I like to setup my squad to use certain perks when playing PvP and different perks when defending. It sucks when I'm playing PvP and I get attacked and lose because I have my squad setup for offense. Also, when I'm done playing for the day, I wouldn't have to rearrange all my perks for defense before I turn off the game.


    • molinari_gustavo
      molinari_gustavo commented
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      True, this would be great. Something like loadouts, which we could configure beforehand and then just select as we wish.

    • Maus_1908
      Maus_1908 commented
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      Would that require me to double up on all my diamond perks?

    • M_3_G_V_D_3_T_H
      M_3_G_V_D_3_T_H commented
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      No. Wouldn't require double perks. So if you had only one Diamond Damage perk, you would be able to have one in the Defense slots and one in the Offense slots.

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    Originally posted by SD-PEER81 View Post
    Thanks for the feedback, lots of really great suggestions!
    Thanks so much, we are happy that you guys are hearing us.


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      I would love a mass recycling option, a blue screen fix, and recyling not giving the same thing back.

      Mass recycling may be difficult to implement, but I vision it as being a bin, in which you could drop common cards (say all of your big head cards at once, or a portion of them) and once the bin has reached a certain amount it gives you a small reward of some kind.


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        I like the recycling option Maus suggested. I'd go one further and allow us to recycle structures like bunkers, towers, AAA guns, decorations etc.

        I've got 2 bunkers, 2 mortars and a sniper tower I can't use because honestly there is no more space in my layout I can effectively protect or even place due to the limited build number limit.


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          Originally posted by Maus_1908 View Post
          I would love a mass recycling option, a blue screen fix, and recyling not giving the same thing back.

          Mass recycling may be difficult to implement, but I vision it as being a bin, in which you could drop common cards (say all of your big head cards at once, or a portion of them) and once the bin has reached a certain amount it gives you a small reward of some kind.
          This is a good idea. And the idea MonsterLoad gave is also good. There are always some buildings left which we can’t deploy due to the lack of base points.