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Why everybody doing stupid about AB

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  • Why everybody doing stupid about AB

    I dont understand why all u guys doing stupid about AB.
    u can choose if u wonna be in 1 or not.
    Also ohyea cause they always win??
    thats not hard at all.
    Some of u think thy play much but they dont.
    yes i used 3 accounts but still i got 8460 points.
    Yes u can do it at 1 account to its not hard.
    People are raging cause they dont get in top 30?
    That they never win a championship.
    Here the point: u need play way more.
    U can yes u and no its not true they not have no live and always gaming.
    Example: i start work 5am done work 2pm then i stil can hangout with friends and everything.....
    And i still can play over 5hours a day if i want.

    So Grow up and Fight!!
    No Pain No gain!!!
    No pain???? Try again

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    Well said Rolex....To me it seems like a strange request, the AB whine appears to be directed at being attacked, like that's a bad thing?? I only WISH for being attacked more, the more defends the merrier. If being attacked is a negative for these people (when it truly should be the opposite), then why play at all??


    • RolexHoster
      RolexHoster commented
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      I have over 30 defends last season

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    I personally wonna be in 1. I tell u dis frynd. Me think I need play more, over 5hours at 5am.

    Oooh shiny red ball.


    • SDS_Chase
      SDS_Chase commented
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      Please do not be mean spirited in your replies to others. GUNS UP! hosts an international audience and often website translations are used when speaking with each other.

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    I can't think of any translation service that converts "you" to "u".

    I concur with RolexHoster and clearly my friend MoFo does as well.

    Please do not ban me for 10 years over it.
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