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this game crashes at the worst possible times all too frequently.

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  • this game crashes at the worst possible times all too frequently.

    i've only been playing for 2 weeks, and already the game has crashed 3 times just as the enemy base is being blown apart. it has also crashed about a half dozen times when defending against the computer. once just as i killed the final enemy.

    "guns up!" is not a free game. it is a 'freemium' game that encourages players to spend real money in order to be competitive early on. i can ignore the fact that the game gives me the same epic and legendary cards every time i open a pack, but i am having a real hard time accepting that the game repeatedly bites me on the ass at the worst possible time.


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    Yep. What i believe is happening with this game is that the developers are abandoning the ship. So they are going to kill off this game. Have you seen the lack of updates and continuous cycle of boring alliance wars? What do you think? This blue screen crashing has been in this game ever SINCE the RELEASE. And they haven't even fixed it yet and i bet that they never will. They are just going to milk as much of money out of the whales that are throwing them money, before they shut down the servers.

    But this is only my opinion. We'll see what happens. I loved this game, but when it has been almost 2 years since we got our latest unit the Chemist. It's just getting obvious.


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      Originally posted by Kumiankka98 View Post
      This blue screen crashing has been in this game ever SINCE the RELEASE. And they haven't even fixed it yet and i bet that they never will.
      This game doesn't have that issue on Steam version. It is extremely rare for the game to crash on Steam even after playing 5-6 hours straight I never get any concern that I am going to crash if I keep playing. Early on Steam version (beta version) would also crash but once it become stable and became available to any Steam user, I think it only had a hard crash just once in 200+ hours on Steam (for me).

      On PS4, it hard crashes with the blue-screen error report situation pretty consistently after roughly 1 hour and soon after the first Defend Waves is offered (whether you play that or skip it). I believe it is a memory leak or some other programming overflow issue that just gets worse and eventually the game crashes and players are forced to restart the game. There was a short time in the time I have played Guns Up! when they were serious about fixing that issue and in one of the patches even had game stable to where it wouldn't crash for me for the 1-2 hours I would routinely play. Then some other patch came and it started crashing again consistently and they got comfortable blaming "sony" something and saying other games get same error code and its a "sony" problem.

      I got convinced somewhere along the way to forget my PSN account and instead enjoy the game on Steam more where it is simply more stable and how it should be on PS4 instead of how it is.

      I do think you are right about developers (Valkyrie) having moved on from Guns Up! and no longer developing new content for it. Maybe they were under 3-year deal with Sony and with that anniversary crossed and Steam version out they are now in just maintenance & support mode.

      Real question is, if Valkyrie / Sony Santa Monica team up for their next game, would you be interested or is Guns Up! overall a poor investment of time for you? To me, even if it goes offline with very little warning, it has been a unique game I enjoy so I would be receptive to their next game as well.
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        I won’t ever release my vets because of this. Makes the game a little harder for me, especially during alliance battles. I play at a disadvantage most of the time but it’s ok cus all is free. I won’t spend a dime on this game anymore. I’ve been burned to many times.


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          The funny thing is I know quite a lot of people that are willing to spend money on this game, but there actually has to be some content for us to splash some money on!

          I dont need to buy cardpacks since I have all the heros, hero perks and cards that I want, im just grinding out the last few diamond perks I need. I dont care about leveling up, so booster packs are not for me. And I sure as heck wont splash money for Alliance season number 237, I dont care about any of that, I even have crossplay disabled.

          So, where are the new units, new buildings, building colour customizations and map customizations? I'd pay for better recycling, I'd even pay for a blue screen fix! I'd pay some for a river with a drawbridge for instance. But, yeah, I think theyve moved on and maybe so should we. And as for your point of supporting the studio for next titles, I probably wont. The game is great and its potential is great, but so is the letdown that it never even reached half of its potential. Maybe not nice things to hear; but it is the way I feel right now regarding the game and the studio.


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            Unfortunately this game wasn't well received by the community at launch and because of the p2w micro-transactions and the player base has suffered. Currently, Fortnight who only uses micro-transactions on skins not game-play is the big dog on the porch now and I see a shift in development of battle royale type games.

            Side scrolling games will always have a niche market but not appeal to the general unwashed masses. People want multiplayer action games with great graphics with lots of new content, patches and hot-fixes on a weekly basis now.


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              Pubg one of the best games out there and it’s been broke since it started.

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            now 2 days in a row the game has crashed as the enemies base is being blown apart.

            sony should not allow this company to collect money if they aren't going to fix this problem.

            GUNS UP! IS AN AWFUL GAME!