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i'm convinced the game takes into account the cards you own & what you've recycled.

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  • i'm convinced the game takes into account the cards you own & what you've recycled.

    i get the same crap every time. it doesn't matter if i recycle cards or open packs the game deals garbage. a legendary card isn't legendary if no one wants it. does anyone actually use poison or fire resistance perk cards? i get one every time i open a pack, and what's the deal with barbed wire? maybe if barbed wire and barrels didn't count towards your build point limit they would be a nice reward.

    it's gotten to the point where recycling cards above rare is just painful. you're almost always guaranteed to get less than what you give up.


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    I agree with you that the loot system is probably individualized as are most F2P games loot systems and targets your particular psychological patterns that influence your uncapped spending behavior.

    I don't think it is a pure Random Loot Table system because it will keep certain things from certain players and pit them against other players having that thing to create that desire to get it. Once you already have it, it will start giving that thing more often.

    For instance, I played 2+ years on my PSN account hoping to get the Engineer HQ Squad. Finally get it from Epic Pack I got in last Alliance Gold Tier reward pack, and then got it again from Epic pack from leveling up to 54 within the same week.
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      The least dropped perks for me are Minimum Wage. I can't get enough to make a level 4 much less level 5. Seems like after level 50 nothing good drops anymore.


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        I am really amazed and baffled when I get attacked by someone with 4-6 Diamond Minimum Wage Perks. I have 4 Legendary Minimum Wage on both my Steam and PSN accounts which are both now Level 52+

        I can only conclude that either thay do nothing but play Guns Up! all day every day for 2+ years or they have spent $1000+ on the game.
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      I've spent close to 500k on attack card packs over the past few days. i used to not get 1000 munition cards often. i mostly got 500, 2000 & 3000 munition cards. now i pretty much only get 500 & 1000 munition cards. it's complete BS.

      i think i need to find another game. this is the 3rd free to play game i've tried. each time i've spent about $70. they're just not worth it.

      ; (



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        burned for the last time. i decided to try a legendary pack. they're on sale, so i only had to spend another $5.00.

        this is what i got: 1 rare card pack, BARBED WIRE, 10 build points, 1 legendary last stand card, 1 rare perk card & 1 XP boost card.

        what a joke. i already had 2 legendary last stand cards that i'm not using, which i assume is why the game gave me a 3rd.



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          Red Crates. Oh, how many times have I saved 25 keys to open a red and got wanked. I just refuse to even pay for 50 - 4x ammunition cards anymore.

          I get it, it's a free game and I will willingly pay money to support a game I love. Not loving this game so much anymore.


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            the worst thing about this game is those behind it don't value your business if you stop paying money to play. compare that to a game from a major studio like R*. once you buy GTA V the company is there to make sure the experience is rewarding. this game is just a scam. if you spend $100 they could care less. they just want you to spend another $100.