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sandbags become counterproductive when they stop tents from spawning.

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  • sandbags become counterproductive when they stop tents from spawning.

    is this just an oversight, or did the developers actually think this was a good idea?

    i spent a ton of munitions to max out 3 tents. what a waste!


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    Upgrading the Tents reduces the cooldown for spawning new troops. This gets troops to your cover positions faster. The Training Grounds Command Card makes it 10% faster on top of that. Each tent will spawn up to 3 sets of units to take cover positions and then stop producing until a set of defenders is wiped out.

    It is up to you how you develop your strategy with regards to number of tents, how much your upgrade them, whether you use Training Grounds, do you equip rapid deployment perks on your tent troops, how much cover positions you provide, do you plan for 10 veterans or less as part of that, etc

    For my base I like to tune cover positions to be such that tents will keep spawning troops to my forward defense position but no further. If someone wants to sit outside my base defenses I don't want to keep feeding them units to kill. Once they have broken through first layer of defense, they have to keep up the attack (or destroy cover positions) or they will get restocked soon.
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      What cusman said but also you might be blocking a passage way which will stop troops from coming out of tents and hq.


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        yes. i googled it before i created this topic, and i understand how it works. my issue is, there is now no need to have max sandbags in your base if they limit the number of troops you can have. i've calculated exactly how many sandbags and tank traps my base can hold, while still getting my 3 tents to spawn troops.

        on a side note, if you choose veteran cover position the game should let you choose exactly where to put each veteran. every time i rearrange my base i have to tinker with cover locations, so i can get my veterans in the positions i want, and it's never exactly the way i'd do it if i had my choice.



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          You can influence where Veterans will be, but you don't have precise control. It's part of what makes it hard for everyone to make really tough bases. Only the truly dedicated defenders put in the time to figure out unique killer defenses, and then certain patterns start getting copied by more and more other players.
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