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Accolades Medal for Assault

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  • Accolades Medal for Assault

    Accolades Medal for Assault: Earn 5,000 veterans of this unit to get 3% veteran stat increases.

    After Special Operation Assault Strike ended, I was within a couple hundred Veterans to completing Accolades Medal for Assault units so decided to stick with them a little longer and get that completed.
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    Nice work C, way to earn those medals!


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      Originally posted by SD-PEER81 View Post
      Nice work C, way to earn those medals!

      Any tips on how to possibly get 5000 Veterans for Chemist with any kind of efficiency? Maybe you guys can tweak how much damage a Chemist needs to do before they earn Veteran levels?
      Alliance: Helldivers
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        They're not going to tweak a thing.


        I have 3,300/5,000 Chemist vets currently and learned from the best: Synology. He's #1 on Steam & I'm #2 on Steam; and NEITHER OF US HAVE ALLEN HATS!!!

        Anyway, on with the tips.

        1.) Only attack 2-skull bases.
        2.) Only bring these 3 units:
        Sgt - Dmg/$/+/Vol/Allen Hat
        Chemist - Dmg/FT/RD/Vol/Allen Hat
        Riot - $/RD/+/Vol/Allen Hat
        3.) Only spawn the Sgt unit a couple times. 2 to 4 Sgt units is PLENTY.
        4.) Beyond the 2 Sgt spawns, alternate between Riot & Chemist. When you hit about 40/45 units, use your best judgment on whether you should squeeze a couple more Chemists in there, or just go ahead and spawn a couple more Riots and take any Chemists you can get.
        5.) Bring these attack cards: Surplus/TB/RF/Gas/Gas or Surplus/TB/RF/Decoy/Decoy if they are using Iron Lungs.
        6.) Expect to lose A LOT.
        7.) Expect this process to take 2 months.
        8.) Expect to have no social life throughout the duration.
        9.) Binge-watch Netflix on your other monitor.
        10.) You know you're doing good if you earn 5 chemist vets/battle. This is going to take about 1,500 battles. No, I am NOT kidding.
        11.) Use the rally flag you brought and any rally flags they give you to try to build up the biggest load of riots & chemists you can before they spray & pray.
        12.) Don't panic! Chemists only really gain XP from damage that they do to UNITS. They gain about ZERO XP from structures & do about ZERO damage to structures.
        13.) The Sgts serve a dual purpose - they kill structures & assist the chemists with earning vet status. Remember, DON'T OVERDO IT. 2 to 4 is fine.
        14.) Don't get discouraged. Keep telling yourself that there is nothing new that is being added to this game, so somehow try to justify that Chemist Accolades is therefore "worth it."