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the game cheats!!!

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  • the game cheats!!!

    just spent 100k on attack card packs. that's 20 packs & 200 attack cards.

    i received 6 rare cards: 0) 1000 munitions, 0) 2000 munitions, 1) 3000 munitions

    when i was low level i got rare attack cards in almost every pack.

    how can the game sell card packs to players with altered probabilities as players level up?

    does it also apply to epic card packs & elite card packs? it seems like a scam.


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    Try spending 3,000,000 on card packs before you complain.

    Get good, scrub.


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      I thought you only get attack cards in attack card pack.


      • M_3_G_V_D_3_T_H
        M_3_G_V_D_3_T_H commented
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        You do. But there are 7 Rare attack cards (1000/2000/3000 Munitions, +4/+8 Unit Cap, Plague, Berserk).

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      claytonhorning - you're a loser. please don't reply to my posts anymore.

      BigBonedNinja - there are 7 rare attack cards: berserk, plague, +4 unit cap, +8 unit cap, 1000 munitions, 2000 munitions & 3000 munitions.

      i don't know how it's legal to change the probability of cards dealt as the player levels up. there are laws that prevent game shows from cheating. you'd think a similar law would be applied to "pay to win" video games.

      does this apply to the card packs purchased with gold?

      spent another 100k just now. received 5 rare cards, +4 unit cap, +8 unit cap, 1000 munitions, 2000 munitions & berserk (also 2: 500 munition common cards).



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        I don't think any of the players can tell you and the developers certainly will not own up to it if the random loot system is not a purely random system and not factoring in a player specific psychological profile. This is because video game gambling systems (like random loot drop systems) are not regulated by regional gambling commissions that work to ensure gambling institutions stay fair between players.

        Best option if you are really concerned about unfair random loot systems in games is to avoid playing all games that depend on such gambling addiction based gaming hooks to keep players playing and spending. I think most if not all F2P games (like Guns Up!) use such systems.
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          cusman - solid post.



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            Oh my, another rant about GU. lolz