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anyone run their offensive attacks without a surgeon or medic?

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  • anyone run their offensive attacks without a surgeon or medic?

    i tried the surgeon... hated it!

    still using the medic, but i often wonder whether i really need him or not.

    do any of you roll without healing support?


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    I don't run either on my squad. That's one of the reasons the game has the regeneration hats. But even without the hats, yes its possible to run a squad completely devoid of healing support. The strategy here is the same when you're using a relatively squishy units like assault. Keep your units alive with things like Decoy or tear gas so they have time to deal their damage.

    Also keeping your units is alive is important to getting 3 stars in a mission. The 3 stars is more important than just being successful as it can for example turn a humble reward of 3 cards such as a missile, tear gas, bombing run it can that into 2 gold keys and a valor. Prizes just seem to be better when your squad is performing well.


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      I don't use them. I use regen hats.


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        i don't need to heal my units , but i need to revive my units when they die
        because medic is useless against a sniper shot


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          Originally posted by MonsterLoad*PC View Post
          I don't use them. I use regen hats.
          I know I've been playing for a little while now, but what is a regeneration hat?
          Where or how do I get them?


          • M_3_G_V_D_3_T_H
            M_3_G_V_D_3_T_H commented
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            Open crates to get hats. They heal your units when they take damage. There are 3 levels of regen hats.

            Level 1 = Heals +6 per second
            Level 2 = Heals +8 per second
            Level 3 = Heals +10 per second

            The Medic can only heal 5 units at a time @ +15 per second. Hats heal all units. So if you have 10 Rocketeers with regen hats and all take damage, the hats will heal all of them at the same time. But if you assign a regen hat to a unit, that unit cannot be healed or revived by Medic & Surgeon
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          Once my Medic and Surgeon both have their Accolades Medals completed, I'll probably switch those two unit slots to using Sergent and Colonel.

          Most of the top players I see drop Medic, keep using Surgeon, and use the Sergeant. Very few I see using Colonel as much as I do.
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