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listing the man ways you lose a battle in guns up!.

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    But I'm still playing bcuz I enjoy it!


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      Originally posted by BigBonedNinja View Post
      Seriously get good bro. I don’t even use attack cards for bases under 6000 unless I know it’s a good player like cusman odystak yayo ect. The game always gives you what you need. If it’s giving you 3 flags in a row, it’s on you to figure out the strategy on when and how to use them. Of course your troops will attack anything in front of them before attacking hq. That’s how the game works. It’s on you to destroy the hq with optimal time given. All alliance battles you go in blind. Lots of players including myself are scoring thousands of points a season. You just don’t get the game yet. Keep playing and it eventually kicks in. Play 1 skull bases without using cards for practice.

      A player can only do so much in this game. If they didn't bring in the right equipment to the fight then chances are: They're going to lose. Saying that the game "always gives you what you need" is completely untrue. That's not even skill, that's just luck. Strategically using attack cards and specials you get in-battle is skill, but if you're not getting the right specials you're not going to win.


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        "my comment about 2000 alliance points was in response to some other guy who bragged about his alliance score. like it matters anyway."

        It does matter. Your 2000 alliance points are nothing to brag about because the game matches you up with equally as clueless n00b scrubs.