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so... i just watched some dude wreck my base.

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  • so... i just watched some dude wreck my base.

    all of his units had 3 diamond perks, except his sniper who had 2 diamond perks and a blue damage perk.

    the thing is none of his troops had speed perks or unstoppable perks, and he didn't bring tactical boots. yet he was able to march right through layers of barbed wire into my base's chokepoint without any setbacks.

    my troops can't even fire a shot when they're caught in barbed wire. it's almost like they're trapped in quicksand. even when i do bring tactical boots it seems to slow them down a little.

    i'm just trying to figure out how he was able to ignore the barbed wire. my entire base strategy is to force players to walk through the chokepoint.

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    If you are on PS4, you can re-watch that replay, save the recording using your Share button, and then upload that to YouTube or DailyMotion and then post the link here. Don't think anyone can explain what you are describing without seeing the gameplay video itself.
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      basically, the guy used a rally flag to pull his troops together at my base's entrance. then marched right up the middle of my chokepoint through layers of barbed wire without slowing down.

      i think the game uses momentum to override or alter unit / structure stats. i've seen it benefit me as a player as well as harm me.