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This season is a glitchy mess

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  • This season is a glitchy mess

    Really getting frustrated with this season, points not showing up, at one point I had a level taken away and had to level again.
    On top of that I have had several battles where I had either gotten 2 or 3 stars and not been awarded the full points which has probably cost me 100 pts this season.

    Add in the fact that your units don't always register commands enemy units don't always take proper damage (just put a decoy on a defending Col he was hit with about 10 rockets and LIVED) this season has been a cluster mess (want to use a different word but it's not nice)

    Oh and let's not even get into the blue screens which has always been an issue and has never been fixed.

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    I find it tough to disagree. Cusman had an excellent post on the extreme instability of this game on PS4, as well as how it's causing an exodus of players. There is wide agreement with most players that I speak to that the PS4 client is long overdue a patch improving game stability.

    If I had to hazard a guess, I think it might have something to do with server capacity for PS4 users. One time, when there was a server error on their side and my client disconnected, I restarted right away and the game and UI was blindingly fast and smooth for a short while, before slowly turning sluggish again. I really think it might have something to do with the number of PS4 players playing at one time. I could be wrong though ...


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      There will be no patch for PS4, nor PC, not now not ever. It's obvious that Sony are winding the game up, there is no G.U development team anymore, just a skeleton staff manning the social media until the inevitable server shutdown. And I give it 6 to 12 months until that happens. It's unfortunate, it's a fun little game, but Guns up certainly isn't the first game to travel down this road into obscurity. Many years ago I used to play a fun game called Battlefield Heroes (Fortnite's whole play-style borrowed heavily from this game), but sadly it too met the same fate....R.I.P


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        Exatly dude!

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      Just when I started getting used to "The F**k Patrol."