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HQ cards Disapearing. Seriously?

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  • HQ cards Disapearing. Seriously?

    2 days now many players including myself have had all their HQ taken off of the HQ except 1. This is either a glitch or a hack. One alliance I know of had this happen to 31 of 35 of their members. I have lost multiple Alliance defends because of this. Lets get this cleaned up ASAP. Annoying and ridiculous we should have to worry about our cards disappearing.

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    Also, now because of losing defends I shouldn't have lost, I have to waste my time getting my vets back when I should not have too until a later time.


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      The team is currently looking into this issue.


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        Same here everytime i logout my HQ cards are gone -_- lost ab who not suspose to lose


        • SD-PEER81
          SD-PEER81 commented
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          Is this occurring on your PS4 account or on a Steam account?

        • RolexHoster
          RolexHoster commented
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          Ps4 account

        • big_poppa33
          big_poppa33 commented
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          Yes PS4. Lots of people having the issue

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        Originally posted by SD-PEER81 View Post
        The team is currently looking into this issue.
        There's a team??

        Why doesn't this team answer any of the players questions? Like which way this game is heading in the future for example?

        Something I would like to know So I could start playing again
        :)S̤̦͉̹̈́̃̽͝i̞̫̖̎͆͋̽ͅl̡̛̳̥̬̑̋́ȩ̟͍̮̔͒͑̊n̡͓̼͉̾̆̔́c̟̫̮̹̍̈́͑̕e͍̮̠̺̋͗͗̈́ ̳͎̻̲̑̑́͘Į̘̠̹̀̿̊̾ ̟̜̭̭̀́̋̽k̙͇̼̮͗̇͐́i̘͓̰̱͋̔̓̽l̥̘̺̻̃̿͐͋l͔͈̹͚͆͌̆̕ ̛̣̬̩̻͊̈́͠y̳̲̩̩̿̀͋̽ó̤̤̘͕͐̀̓u̹̥̼̾͋̔̓ͅ!͈͇̣̿̊̄̚͜:)


        • revzi100
          revzi100 commented
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          heres the team working hard

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        this is the team after they get your cash for gold but never update the game


        • claytonhorning*PC
          claytonhorning*PC commented
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          ROFL. revzi, we can finally agree on something!

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        How many more glitches are there going to be this week? =[

        This happened to me once or twice as well ...


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          Same here.

          Looks like I ran into another casualty of this hack from cheating BS hackers on the PSN. Seriously, why would anyone run only HQ squad? Obviously he got stripped because of the cheating hackers on PSN.

          I'd like to respect your wishes, Steve, but I can't. I just can't anymore. I'm not going to try to help you cover for this dead game that DEVs have abandoned that will probably be shut down in a year while the cheaters run rampant until then.

          Meanwhile, DEVs (which apparently have all abandoned the game) remain silent and almost never fix any of the blatantly obvious problems with the game.

          SDS_Chase hadn't logged on for 2 months. Obviously he's left the company.

          Last Activity: 07-13-2018, 05:57 PM

          People keep pulling "double HQ bug" and they don't fix that.

          The standard 40,000 munitions price for the "common card pack" -20% off for 24 hours = 40,000 munitions price? WTF? It should be 40,000 x .7 = 28,000 munitions! Fix it, dumb sh*ts. That's basic math.

          steve.peer [developer] Aug 29 @ 8:35pm
          The 30% Off is on the GOLD price.

          claytonhorning has GUNS UP! Aug 29 @ 8:43pm
          Yeah, but that's a halfass discount. It doesn't specify "30% off GOLD," just plain "30% off," so that should be applied to munitions as well, or the notification should be changed. Steve, you can do better than trying to make excuses for lazy programming.

          QUESTION FOR DEVS - Guns Up! Gripes

          1.) Reward players with a key when scrapping ANY CRATE vice munitions.
          2.) Bring back "holiday" events (Halloween, St. Patrick's Day, Winter War).
          3.) Give a confirmation (are you sure you want to do this?) for spending gold on crates.
          4.) Add the option to upgrade 3x Influenza to Plague.
          5.) Remove "x kills with mortars" and "x kills with HQ" missions. The mortar ones take too much time away from actually playing the game, and the HQ one is counterproductive to players who have spent countless hours building a base to have to deconstruct it in order to actually achieve the mission.
          6.) Bring back the option to acquire the pink flamingo.
          7.) Add a mass-purchasing option to attack card packs - i.e. 100 packs at a time for discount price of 90,000 munitions.
          8.) Reduce the price of the "Common Card Pack" - I've proven that it's at least 1/18th as good as the "Attack Card Pack," mathematically.

          Do they do any of this? No. You know why? Because most everyone has abandoned the game. Ownership of this switched from Valkyrie to Sony and they give no f**ks. We'll never see another holiday event, so no more Rainbow Cards, and until they shut the severs down in a year, you'll be stuck buying 1 Attack Card Pack at a time and getting constantly screwed over by cheaters who remove your HQ cards multiple times a day like mine have been.

          Then there's "F*ck it, we're done here."

          Never before have I seen my ENTIRE ARMY whittle an HQ down to almost nothing, then spontaneously decide, "F*ck it, we're done here," and go all the way back to the beginning of the map for no apparent reason. WTF.

          DEVs never got back to me because either they are understaffed, don't know why their game malfunctions, or don't care. This kind of sh*t shouldn't happen, ever.

          They don't update their official website and false advertise cards that are unobtainable, like "Last Stand: Flamer: and "Special Support: Missile."

          I think the website requires an update. 2nd row, 4th column.

          Audio on the PC was programmed piss-poor and has never been addressed.

          Guns Up! for PC has some poor programming in that it's nonexistent for swapping audio output. If I'm outputting to PC speakers and I want to swap to headphones, I have to quit the game, swap to headphones for speaker output in windows, then restart Guns Up! to actually hear sound out of the headphones. Every single other program and game on my computer has programming to allow you to swap audio output except for Guns Up! This is unacceptable and should be corrected.

          These days, Steve tries to help and does sometimes, but alot of the time all you get are empty promises and lame excuses.

          Dev Recommendation: Option to buy attack card packs in bulk
          It's not real fun to buy 1 attack card pack at a time. Takes a long time. Is boring. It would improve the game to be able to buy multiple attack card packs at the same time.

          steve.peer [developer] Jul 24 @ 2:18pm
          Im here, I'm here! This is something that has been suggested before and the team is aware of. If/when this might be implemented though...IDK!

          Only 150 people are playing this game and they just do not give a sh*t about it anymore.

          Month Avg. Players
          Last 30 Days 154.1
          August 2018 152.9
          July 2018 188.2
          June 2018 222.0
          May 2018 300.3
          April 2018 418.4
          March 2018 663.0
          February 2018 631.2
          January 2018 303.5
          December 2017 457.6
          November 2017 756.0
          October 2017 1,141.2

          The Valkyrie Entertainment website looks like it was made on a GeoCities webpage and only has 2 pictures of Guns Up! from 2014. They do not care about this game. If you don't believe me, have a look for yourself.

 <- Go here & click on "games".

          Guns Up's days are numbered.


          • Achmed*PC
            Achmed*PC commented
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            It's such a shame that this is happening I know it's only a game But a game that had potential.

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            Wtf wrong this game every time logout HQ cards gone.... Yesterday 10 lost AB cause bleu screens in 2 heurs some on this one and other account to..... Now this morning i lose 4 times in a row in the middle on a ab cause server error !!!!!! Almost 15 loses in less then 12hours cause your game crashes -_-


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              Originally posted by SD-PEER81 View Post
              The team is currently looking into this issue.
              It's a generic bug, happens on both Steam and PS4 accounts.
              Frustrating to see your HQ without cards every day.
              PS4/Steam: odytsak


              • big_poppa33
                big_poppa33 commented
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                Hi Odytsak. If it's generic then it should be an easy fix/patch for a super smart Dev right? Have the in battle errors been corrected?

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              I think people don't care if it's a generic bug or not. All they want is a stable game in 2018 and new content for GU, which will not happen. By the way, I don't understand why SD PEER no longer answers questions about THE FUTURE OF guns up. He had accustomed us to something else and of a great frankness and honesty. Disappointed. (Google translate)
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