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The sad story of Guns UP!

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  • The sad story of Guns UP!

    Yo, about Guns Up!

    As soon as a game stops being updated (new content etc), it's because the game doesn't working anymore. The game doesn't not be much played anymore... When a game is popular and played, we continue to feed it of new content etc, like GTA ONLINE or FORTNITE.

    From the moment when the devs are stopped the events (halloween, st patrick, christmas etc), it was already the beginning of the end... For my part at that time I already knew how it was going to happen... Finally, do not forget that Guns Up! was released on December 5, 2015 on PS4. Even if for me, a life of 1 year and a half for a free to play like Guns Up!, it's disappointing. (yes 1 year and a half because they have forgot the game for ages...)

    Now the real question is, how long the servers gonna stay open? Because yes, the servers will be closed one day... Whether in a year, two years or three years.

    Here is the sad story of Guns Up!

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    DEVs have abandoned what will probably be shut down in a year while the cheaters run rampant until then.
    These days, Steve tries to help and does sometimes, but alot of the time all you get are empty promises and lame excuses.

    Dev Recommendation: Option to buy attack card packs in bulk
    It's not real fun to buy 1 attack card pack at a time. Takes a long time. Is boring. It would improve the game to be able to buy multiple attack card packs at the same time.

    steve.peer [developer] Jul 24 @ 2:18pm
    Im here, I'm here! This is something that has been suggested before and the team is aware of. If/when this might be implemented though...IDK!

    Only 150 people are playing this game on steam and they just do not give a sh*t about it anymore.

    Month Avg. Players
    Last 30 Days 154.1
    August 2018 152.9
    July 2018 188.2
    June 2018 222.0
    May 2018 300.3
    April 2018 418.4
    March 2018 663.0
    February 2018 631.2
    January 2018 303.5
    December 2017 457.6
    November 2017 756.0
    October 2017 1,141.2

    The Valkyrie Entertainment website looks like it was made on a GeoCities webpage and only has 2 pictures of Guns Up! from 2014. They do not care about this game. If you don't believe me, have a look for yourself. <- Go here & click on "games".

    Meanwhile, DEVs (which apparently have all abandoned the game) remain silent and almost never fix any of the blatantly obvious problems with the game.

    SDS_Chase hadn't logged on for 2 months. Obviously he's left the company.
    Last Activity: 07-13-2018, 05:57 PM

    They don't update their official website and false advertise cards that are unobtainable, like "Last Stand: Flamer: and "Special Support: Missile."

    I think the website requires an update. 2nd row, 4th column.

    People keep pulling "double HQ bug" and they don't fix that.

    Guns Up! gripes that have never been addressed:

    1.) Reward players with a key when scrapping ANY CRATE vice munitions.
    2.) Bring back "holiday" events (Halloween, St. Patrick's Day, Winter War).
    3.) Give a confirmation (are you sure you want to do this?) for spending gold on crates.
    4.) Add the option to upgrade 3x Influenza to Plague.
    5.) Remove "x kills with mortars" and "x kills with HQ" missions. The mortar ones take too much time away from actually playing the game, and the HQ one is counterproductive to players who have spent countless hours building a base to have to deconstruct it in order to actually achieve the mission.
    6.) Bring back the option to acquire the pink flamingo.
    7.) Add a mass-purchasing option to attack card packs - i.e. 100 packs at a time for discount price of 90,000 munitions.
    8.) Reduce the price of the "Common Card Pack" - I've proven that it's at least 1/18th as good as the "Attack Card Pack," mathematically.

    Do they do any of this? No. You know why? Because most everyone has abandoned the game. Ownership of this switched from Valkyrie to Sony and they give no f**ks. We'll never see another holiday event, so no more Rainbow Cards, and until they shut the severs down in a year, you'll be stuck buying 1 Attack Card Pack at a time and getting constantly screwed over by cheaters who remove your HQ cards multiple times a day like mine have been.

    Audio on the PC was programmed piss-poor and has never been addressed.

    Guns Up! for PC has some poor programming in that it's nonexistent for swapping audio output. If I'm outputting to PC speakers and I want to swap to headphones, I have to quit the game, swap to headphones for speaker output in windows, then restart Guns Up! to actually hear sound out of the headphones. Every single other program and game on my computer has programming to allow you to swap audio output except for Guns Up! This is unacceptable and should be corrected.

    Guns Up's days are numbered.

    Also, BoboVsGames plans to soon make a youtube video about the death of Guns Up!....
    [Thursday 4:54 PM]
    its a good game

    [Thursday 4:57 PM]
    I hope
    that someone else
    takes on the game
    otherwise I spent 1 year or more
    for nothing

    [Thursday 4:58 PM]
    you should do a youtube video about it

    [Thursday 4:59 PM]
    I will at some point
    I tried to speak with the guys that were in charge
    they said sadly they are not managing the game anymore

    [Thursday 5:01 PM]
    I need to find out
    what are the plans for the game

    [Thursday 5:03 PM]
    FIrst I`ll wait for them to respond
    when I make that video
    it will be the end of my youtube channel
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      This pretty much says it all...


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        this game has a lot of potential and the same developers are letting it die or they already let it die hopefully someone will buy the game and exploit what guns up can give!


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            Time for us Veterans to leave this game. Thanks for everything gunsup. You did not deserve to die this early. But this is the end. I will also leave now, so Good bye everyone.


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              It's been a long time since i stopped playing guns up, i just log in from time to time. I hoped that the devs raise the head, but unfortunately it was not the case.



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                I moved on unceremoniously but I will still login once a week or so, check in with what is left of the Helldivers alliance, say hi, maybe retrain my veterans and then go play other games.
                Alliance: Helldivers
                YouTube Channel:


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                  The servers of the video game Drawn To Death will close on March 25, 2019. I know we could win a special hat in GUNS UP by playing this game, so announce it. I do not know if that means that Guns Up will follow soon.

                  Maybe a comment from SD PEER? Lol.


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                    no then he will get all defencive and he will say what we know he will say and it will just be over sooner than later and he does no good to help cuz he knows he cant help and even if he did, it would probs be very subtle and worthless. so he doesn't need to say anything.


                    • TheSlayer4409
                      TheSlayer4409 commented
                      Editing a comment
                      see, my point proven.