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Major ingame issues with connection

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  • Major ingame issues with connection

    Recently, the server has been disconnecting left, right and centre. In the middle of battles, while recycling cards, just browsing alliance leaderboards ._.

    The error message that comes up says "Oops! Something went wrong!", and then more likely than not there's a soft reset. What does it mean? Is there a problem with the server? This week has had NO END of new bugs and issues, first there was the alliance points tracking issue, then HQ cards started getting unequipped, now there's a minor bug where troops are getting unequipped, and some of their graphics are becoming garbled.

    All of these things happening in a single week is NO coincidence. Has there been any official explanation for any of these bugs? Have there been any problems or updates going on with the game's server? Such as server maintenance, any game updates or ddos attacks that has caused some of what's happened?

    It would be really nice to get an administrator to reply to this thread if possible.

    What's going on?

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    It's been bad for me too yesterday. I guess it can't handle all 200 people that play this game.


    • RolexHoster
      RolexHoster commented
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      10 loses in less then 2 hours to stupid errors

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    I really don't care about this game now lol. They can take all my account and give it to a new player idc really. Only Sd peer still here but he can do nothing alone. You guys just have to stop speak for nothing we know what happen to this gm so stop.


    • RENEGADE_18
      RENEGADE_18 commented
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      So are you saying just "Give up completely" ?

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    No mate, maybe not give up completely. I would say rather: enjoy the servers as long as they are still open, but do not take your head off with the mistakes and bug of the game because there is nothing left to do, and do not hope for new content, the cycle of guns up is over, we all know it with or without the confirmation of SD PEER.

    (I use google translation)


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      We made a few changes to the servers and, hopefully, this has cleared up any issues that you may have been experiencing. Please let me know if you notice any difference.


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        HQ cards have stayed and errors are better. Still have to restart app after the Wave option appears though, but its been that way for months. Guess Israelys inserts foot in mouth? Lol


        • IsraelysGU
          IsraelysGU commented
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          Unfortunately, many errors will remain, such as the blue screen error and any other type of bug, "oops something is wrong" etc. Mistakes and bugs, we've been used to guns up since the beginning. Having to restart the application every 10 minutes in 2018, 2019 approaching is not normal. Also, don't expect new content for guns up. It's been more than a year since there's been new content, but keep dreaming. As long as there is a dream, there is hope, as they say! And feet are not part of my hobbies but if you're a fan of it, do it and enjoy yourself, dude! lol