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How can we play this game?

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  • How can we play this game?

    1 starting this season u dont get the points u win.
    2 HQ cards missing everythime i logout.
    3 Lost 10 AB cause errors in less then 2 hours.
    4 Try other accounts same ******* problem.
    5 Try send Friend AB gifts sending oops something.
    whent wrong gold gone friend no gift.....
    6 Lost over 70 AB on differents accounts cause.
    Errors in AB.
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    Agree Rolex. This game is getting harder and harder to play. Shame. I enjoy playing when there are no issues.


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      I think you should take into account how much time, effort and money it takes to continue to both run and try to grow and provide new content for a game of this scale, and in that sense we should definitely give the hard work of the developers and technical staff a little credit where it is due. But yes, I really can't disagree with anything you say here. The PS4 version is simply not stable enough to play, and the fact is that more than a fair share of the game's developers are fully aware of that fact. It is now in dire need of a very big patch to iron out these bugs, glitches, exploits and random crashes. For a very long time now, I have had a big suspicion that limited server capacity and increased player pool together is the reason for many of the server problems that plague the game, but to this day, there has been no comment from any developer that explaing any of the problems that are causing so much trouble on PS4

      At the very least we deserve an answer acknowledging the issues that are causing so many problems for people


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        we speak for nothing lol, we know the progress of guns up so stop talking in the void or veil our face. really.


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