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Tents Stop Spawning

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  • Tents Stop Spawning

    I've been wondering why my troops haven't been filing into place like they should. so I decided to record myself doing a CPU defend battle, and keep the view on the tents only. I've noticed that each tent only spawns 3 times and then they stop. The only time they spawn again is if the previously spawned troops die. This is not cool at all!!! I'm uploading the video this very minute. So as soon as it's done, I'll post the link here. Please if someone knows how to fix this issue, that would be great!

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    are all your tank traps/sandbags already full? i havent seen the video yet so just guessing.


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      no and that's what I don't understand. they wont get full bcuz the tents only spawn 3 times and quit.
      the video is at 89%....will post the link here in a minute.


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        Here's the link...


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          i cant see an issue to be honest, they seem to be spawning fine. the tents spawn 3 units each and no more until they die, you also start with 3 already spawned just see what others say first as i could be wrong, just going on my own base.
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            After the 3rd spawn, they just stop spawning and I don't know why.


            • SD-PEER81
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              The tents will only spawn 3 Units at a time. One of those 3 previously spawned Units must die prior to the tent they came from spawning another Unit of that type. In the case of Units that spawn an entire group of troops (i.e. grunts, assault, mercs) then that entire grouping will need be wiped out before another group spawns. Hope this info helps.

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            so u mean to tell me, that even though nothing is blocking their path, and they only spawn 3 times until the previously spawned ones are gone, they wont spawn anymore? That's crazy...I've seen bases constantly spawn troops with the sandbags filled and the ones that cant find a place behind a sandbag or tank trap will continue on towards the enemy and their truck. so im not sure what's really going on? but a tent only spawning 3 times doesn't make sense. yes I understand they spawn up to 3 units, but even the grunts spawn 5 at once. but even the base on my ps4 account doesn't just spawn 3 times. but whatever.