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It's so hard for me to get heroes

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  • It's so hard for me to get heroes

    I've played almost 800 battles now and i've not gotten a single hero. Not even a hero perk either. The problem is made harder by the fact that all the bases i've been fighting as i've been leveling up have only been getting stronger, making it harder and and harder to defeat even the two skull bases. The nightmare bases with their rapidly reloading bombardiers and overlapping sniper hordes are just too hard to get past without some kind of boost because me simply being at a higher level doesn't mean i'm strong.. Could you perhaps have some kind of participation award and give players who have played x number of battles a free hero or something like that? It would be much appreciated..

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    Also, for some very weird reason i've never been able to play replays of any of the attacks my base has defended against. I'm playing on steam


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      what level are you? cos you should of had at least 1 hero unit after 800 battles


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        i haven't hit 800 yet, i have 745 (didn't win all of them) battles and i'm lv 30