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My theory as to why they cannot add new content (it's not because they don't want to)

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  • My theory as to why they cannot add new content (it's not because they don't want to)

    Short answer: Memory problems due to ps4 hardware limitations

    Longer answer: Just think about it. Why would they still have the game on sony san diego's twitter account? Why would they paradoxically not give new content but still at the same time give full technical support for whatever problems players face if they had no team left? Isn't it strange? The problems are perhaps because they wanted to make this game a cross-platform developed game. I think i once read that Katsuhiro Harada (the Tekken developer) was asked why he couldn't make tekken 7 cross-platform and i think he gave a long technical answer with the basic reason being due to the fact that the ps4 memory couldn't cope or something like that?

    I saw someone post in the ps4 support section that the game is extremely buggy. This game, unlike for example fortnite or even MMOs is one whose gameplay relies on resource heavy indefinite unit spawning and indefinite base-building, (which is tolerable for PCs because basically in the end we can blame our PCs for not being up to par if a game is buggy as a result of the computer being stretched and hence can improve them. But we cannot improve our PS4s.

    And so even without new content, the game is already trying to play at a limit it cannot consistently reach on the PS4 the way the PC can because the PS4 and the PC develop at different paces. So they cannot add more to the game. This is a unique problem for the internet era of gaming. Past generations of traditional console games did not face this problem because gameplay was not wholly substantiated by online interaction.)

    And this spells bad news that is even worse for the future of gaming consoles as a whole. It could really be that not just this game but the very viability of static consoles vs improvable computers is in question due to the point we've reached with technology. What this comes down to is that they have to find a solution to accommodate both hardwares when adding new stuff which can yield very strange results. And they've not been able to find that solution. So now here's the serious problem: it means they either have to abandon or prioritize one platform (which would cause tragedy either way because players have spent so much money and can't be asked to just abandon what they've paid) or they stop development. But i think there are possible third solutions.

    1) if they still have a team, then they can prioritize the ps4 and base all new content on ps4 acceptable hardware. the PC should be able to cope with ps4 limitations but it doesn't work the other way around. Everyone nonetheless gets to play online and they get a regularly updated game and everyone is happy again. (to do this though, they may have to solve the memory problem by limiting the size of the base or the amount of possible troops in the base, which would drastically alter game mechanics, which explains their stagnancy)

    2) if they don't have a team anymore, then to satisfy players they can completely shift to steam and let the community continue development or build mods so at least the game doesn't just die (the ps4 version would remain stagnant though, which cannot be acceptable because this is a sony game)

    3) wait until a new-generation modifiable/upgradable playstation console comes out, and then port the game there. This would solve the cross-platform problem but would depend on us as a community to hold onto the game until then, which is what i believe they may be holding out for.

    They've not given up on guns up! because if they do they would have to give up on a lot of games that face the same cross-platform problems. They're just stuck and we gotta help them out i guess. Does this make sense?

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    Sorry but you say a little anything there. A game like Guns Up! does not require a lot of resources on ps4 or steam. It's like you're comparing Guns Up! to Red Dead Redemption 2 there lol (a game requesting more than 100GB of free memory space if i remember good). Guns Up asks less than 10GB I think, to check. The devs can add content if they wanted, it's just that the life cycle (content) of guns Up is over. There is nothing else to say or to look for. The team has changed boats, and it is not with the few remaining players that it will move. The devs need to make money guys, like us, its the life. The profits of Guns Up have not been enough for a long time. The last remaining servers are there for players still playing the game, simply. How long will it last ? I do not know.

    FOR EXEMPLE: its look like you have created a game and you have put 500€ in your game. 999 ppl play your game and you win money. After you have stop updated your game, only 100 ppl play your game and you lost money. You gonna create new content for who? For the 100 ppl who still playing your game? And if after this ppl who still play your game dont reach over 999 players again, you go lose money again and again. No, a video game don't working like this my friend.

    Oh and you can create a topic, and ask directly SD PEER about the futur of Guns Up. Like this you stop wasting your time, you can see if he answer you.
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    • chirijiraden*PC
      chirijiraden*PC commented
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      You have misunderstood the problem i presented, and the problem you have presented on the other hand carries some flawed assumptions.
      1) "You gonna create new content for who?" how do you assume that if the devs do update again, new players won't come or old players won't come back? You can't just assume that.
      2) You are assuming that they don't have enough money or have exhausted the money past players have spent
      3) Him answering me or not is not the only way to know what the future of guns up will be and what the true nature of the problem is.

    • chirijiraden*PC
      chirijiraden*PC commented
      Editing a comment
      If you see the lag on the ps4 vs the PC you'll understand what i mean better.

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    I was not talking about just that memory, but specifically the kind of memory Katsuhiro Harada was mentioning. It's more related to RAM and maybe even computing power than the hard disk space. i am not comparing it to a game like red dead redemption and it's not the same as read dead redemption because red dead redemption does not try to allow for indefinite units or an indefinitely large base. So you cannot compare the two. The computational power requirements are not the same for a game like red dead redemption. It's not as simple as saying it asks for 100 GB therefore it's heavier because what is heavier here is gameplay and not disk space.


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      You have say " i am not comparing it to a game like red dead redemption and it's not the same as read dead redemption because red dead redemption does not try to allow for indefinite units or an indefinitely large base. So you cannot compare the two" Dynasty warriors 9 on ps4, more than 300 players in a fight (check my picture). And what about all MMO game on ps4 lol ? Like Neverwinter, Tera, or the elder scrolls online ? You think its 10 bot per session ? The problem is only the gameplay of guns up. They can't add 989788 things to guns up bevause the game can't support all these things. They need to make Guns Up 2 with a new gameplay, and money to reach their idea with Gu2. It's look like you have sonic in 2D, and you want it in 3D by new content, add multi on it, and battle royal on it. No.

      And yes, you gonna win ur time by asking directly SD PEER on this forum about the futur of guns up lol, just say you want wasting your time with 999999 theory without any TRUE answer OF THE FUTUR OF GUNS UP.


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        Well... lol...

        One thing that struck me though, after they made that 'poster' with all those all-time statistics back in march is when they stopped updating. I'm guessing they thought that the numbers just weren't what they were hoping for?

        But the problem is why haven't they pulled the plug yet? Why would they delay like this instead of just declaring they messed up and then work on other things that *would* give them money or fame or whatever statistical number that guns up didn't? Every day that they spend not making money or not working on a project that would make money is a day lost for them because every day has its operating cost for the company. So there has to be some reason why they have not given up yet (i don't think it's the same reason we have not given up yet lol)

        The point is, if they can solve the problem, or at least improve on it so they get better statistics, why don't they either do that, or just cut the game if they can't, instead of leaving us all dying like this lol?

        Or better yet, let's not even speculate on the future of GU!, let's assume that the theory i presented is not a problem and let's just go all the way and assume that for some reason or another the devs have completely given up.

        Why can't they just let the community make their own mods or host their own servers then, while they keep getting gold for themselves via purchases or events?

        At least it would keep the game alive.

        It might be dying, yes, but what would be unforgivable if it dies, especially if there are still possible solutions, is that it doesn't have to.
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          I understand what you mean my friend, you are full of good looks and it's nice to see. Unfortunately, to answer your questions from my point of view: I do not know. : /

          Many players have asked questions in the past and even recently, the only answer they get is the King of Silence.


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            "Why can't they just let the community make their own mods or host their own servers then, while they keep getting gold for themselves via purchases or events?"

            Host their own servers? What are you talking about?

            Make their own mods??? You can't do that on PS4... and on PC there's already a problem with hackers and cheaters using infinite munition mods and playing god with limitless specials.


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              The game is an online one after all, and running these servers have recurring costs that Sony may one day feel is no longer justified. One solution to this, and this would also prevent this game from being shut down forever, is to let the community host their own servers, especially if Sony should decide not to do so anymore.

              As for cheating, it is rectifiable. But when i said mods i meant it more as in new content rather than hacking (though they're not always mutually exclusive and often can benefit each other. Though of course they won't be good for competition but that too can be addressed if we change the rules. Essentially though, even if there will inevitably be some corruption on the part of the players or community, it would still overall be much better to be active than to be passive with regards to content)