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  • Deffense

    One thing about this game is how utter $#!% the ability to defend your base is Especially when it comes the use of the Focus Fire The most used Brainless lack of strategy unskilled attack item there is There's nearly no ability to defend against that item You can clear a path more than half way across the map It lasts far to long (IMHO) PVP Defends should have been given the ability to lay Mines Gas Or even have sniper towers be able to shoot over the weak walls. If an attacking soldier can blindly shoot over a walls or rocks and wipe out lvl 21 structures Why not be able to in defense.*

    Don't like my opinion? Please kindly read below.
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    Well, just remember that what your asking will also be applied against you when you attack. Laying hidden mines will decimate entire armies and on bases that are 5:30 or less defended by bombardiers well you do the math. The game was made easier for attackers for the reason that a lot of people complained about impossible to beat bases. People play because they want to have fun beating bases or at least have a chance to beat them. With a monthly 0-14 loss streak I can see your frustration. Maybe you need to rethink your base building strategy.
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    • Achmed*PC
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      0-14 Cause I gave the FK up after the amount of *F-Tards* that use the same items over and over wiping my base out in under 3 min's most times No matter how I setup my defenses So I left only the bare ass minimum for some time Only returning to give the game another go But just SSDD all over again
      F-Tards with unlimited fire power it seems No skills No strategy needed... Just plain boring predictable Focus Fire over and over.