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exp, def, and attack

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  • exp, def, and attack

    EXP - game suffers from low amounts of exp / munitions offered....while i understand its supposed to be a grind even with double exp you level so slow that 50 missions of double exp on 1 and 2 skull players doesnt move the bar and 3 skull is just normally way out of the question for me i'm just not that good....inability to level at some what of a reasonable rate makes me not want to play...but i enjoy in

    Def - i apparently lack the ability to build a good def no matter how i build i fail hard as making it work....need to try to figure this out so i can just farm the cpu battles

    Attack - as mentioned above i normally only farm 1 and 2 skull people because i dont have the means to beat 3 skull players...however that means that exp suffers and the game slows to a crawl and becomes next to useless to play....still trying to work on this one

    i enjoy the game a lot but wish there was more exp so i can build out the base more or it actually let you buy some of the def items (barb wire) im only like level 33 or something but after that the exp just becomes to much of a chore...but ill keep at it and maybe one day the game well be better

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    You answered all your own questions as to why you can’t level up and why you can’t build a good defending base...LACK OF EXPERIENCE. You can farm millions of munitions, hundreds of attack cards, a lot of valor, keys and perks just by attacking easy to beat 2 white skulls. The reason why you need to level slower is because if you level up too fast and you don’t have the right level of perks then the higher level bases will be impossible for you to beat. At level 50+ you need to at least have level 4 and level 5 perks on all your units to be able to beat the nightmares. You can’t attack a base defended by level 18+ sniper/bunker and level 6 perks and have a realistic chance to beat it if you level up too fast and all you got is level 3-4 perks. Just keep on grinding and the rest will come.
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      The game still seriously suffers from path blocking issues as there are just some paths troops will not take - even when no walls are present -- flag or no flag. These are more apparent on 3 red skull bases. They use software bugs as a weapon. These bases use mostly AA to protect massed troops so you won't get any munitions from destroying buildings that aren't there, thus sharply cutting your war effort funds and progress. Just save screenshots of their bases and duplicate their base setup on your base. Your base won't be as effective as theirs until your towers and troops are upgraded.


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        DrNever, everyone needs a gimmick. "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em," as it were. I recall crushing your base this weekend. If you're interested, my alliance "Stormbringer" is still recruiting. Join & we can discuss strategies there.