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  • Frustrated with This Game

    Just a rant, and I'm not asking for sympathy.

    I've been playing since November of 2017 and am at level 76, and have managed only one Hero Perks Veterans card. I've noticed all the top players have ALL their units on attack PVP running the Veterans card. I've tried in the last week to add, after over a year of play, at least one more Veterans card to my hero perks. I've opened 5 red crates and 3 Elite 3 Packs in the last week and not one damn decent card much less a Veteran card. How in the eff are these top guys getting more than one card per year?

    Issue 2: Ammo attack cards are not dropping. I have to spend 2 hours and 2 million munitions to get a decent amount of ammo attack cards stored. Not a great system, spending hours per week just buying attack cards and recycling the hundreds of useless cards that drop instead of playing. How can it be random when I get over 200 useless Bombing Runs, Firebombs, Missiles, etc and barely any ammo cards.

    Issue 3: It seems like when someone attacks my base, they get card drops that are perfect for beating my base. How many focus fires and decoys can a PVP player attacking my base get? Enough to decimate my troops and win. I've lost more battles in the last two weeks than I ever have. Are the card drops based on base strength or something else I can effect? It seems like when I attack a base, I'm lucky if I get one worthwhile card drop. I win by just getting lucky and coming into the battle with what I need. I by no means have the toughest base, especially with the wall nerf from last year, but there are times I get smashed by top 20 players in less than 4 minutes. I've reworked my base a million times, nothing can stop a player with all 5 units equipped with veterans hero perks.

    If this game is losing money it's because as a daily player, I'm spending money and not getting anything in return, and honestly I'm done spending money on gold, because it's not doing a damn thing to make my play any better. I should have learned my lesson and not spent a dime, but I wanted to support a game I like and play everyday.
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    The last few rewards I’ve gotten from the legendary badge were either a fire proof or poison proof. I can’t seem to get my hands on the iron lungs perk but I’ve gotten a few endless clips, blood thirst and volunteer. So it hasn’t been all that bad for me. I’m currently at level 58 and have been matched against level 80s and have been attacked by a level 100+. I’ve been also getting pretty good drops from the PvP campaign rewards and regular PvP. I do believe that there is something to it about the game wanting you to “loose” once in a while by giving you what you need the least or giving you what you need to get a win. I believe it is to maintain a win/loss ratio balance. All in all this game is fun and easy to play at least for me. I get plenty 2-3k munitions card drops and enough focus fires to go against almost any base at my level. I’m currently working on getting all my units equipped with level 5 perks and then will work on level 6 perks to go against higher level bases. Perks is what make the difference, hero perks help but having the right perks on the right unit is what makes the difference.


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      I would try attacking bases without ammo cards. I stopped using them a few levels ago and at first it was tough but you play better without them.