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Dear Developers - When you decide to pull the servers please...

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  • Dear Developers - When you decide to pull the servers please...

    Please allow us to download our bases and play CPU defend. And give every card packet munitions value so we can still chase the cards we don't have/will never get. Since this game launched I really loved it and wished it had become what it could become, in a postmortem I hope you discussed the many good ideas the community had given you that you failed to respond/implement such given ideas.

    If you had just opened the card shop and allowed players to buy individual cards and not have to go through the ridiculousness of opening card packs the game would've been a lot better and not illegal in some countries.

    Thanks for the hours of fun

    PS I recycled my ego/tele-metrics cards early on in the game and I never was able to get them again. It was a glitch after opening thousands and thousands of card packs and recycling just as many epic/legendary cards I never got them again. Thanks for not looking into this issue years ago when I brought it up sad face.

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    Didn’t know this game was illegal in some countries, and yes let us play the game off line. Some cards are very hard to get for some of us while others get them like they’re rally flags. I’ve recycled a few telemetric cars and rocketeer,medic,commando,ranger cards yet can’t seem to be able to get my hands on the elusive iron lungs still my base does pretty good against most attackers. This is by far the most fun and easiest game I’ve played in a very long time and would hate to see it go away. I truly hope they make a GU2 with all the perks that never got to see the light of day and all the glitches fixed.


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      in some countries they're starting to ban loot boxes/RNG due to the fact that it's like gambling. I've been playing this game since there was a level Valor used to Have a limit to the number you could earn, I believe the legendary cards at that time also had a limit a.k.a. one ego one telemetric's etc. when they change that somehow my account never got the ability to earn them again. I asked many times for the developers just to add them to my account.

      Developers if you ever make a guns up 2 please contact me as I would love to help you make it what it could be. There are so many little tweaks that you could've done that would've saved this game and made a very profitable.


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        Thanks for all of the feedback and love you've shown GU! over the years guys! Over the lifetime of GU! we've tried to find a good balance between our vision and the community's expectations with varying results. As we move forward and continue to develop/publish titles for the San Diego Studios portfolio we will continue to look to our communities as a source of information to help us make the games that you all want to play.