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  • Inconsistent specials

    Ok, I may not be a rocket scientist or anything, but I can count just fine. It sure seems to be, when the computer uses a special, such as decoy especially, it seems to last around 5 seconds. When I deploy a decoy against them, the damned thing doesn't last 2 seconds, and half the time a majority of the other team's soldiers just ignore it, for at least a portion of the time. Tear gas is similar and they always seem to start shooting early. SPEAKING of many specials does the CPU defense mode give the computer? Seems to be basically unlimited. It's a bunch of crap in my opinion. I spend a lot of time setting up, but it really makes little difference how good your base is when they get like 10 missiles fired at you in three seconds. Takes the fun out for me...super annoying! One last thing. Those other cards, like extra damage, berserk, rate of fire increase...those all suck! What a waste of time trying to get anything out of them. About half of the perks don't really get my juices flowing either...I think they make my soldiers worse half the time. Whoever is programming the game may want to spend some time playing from the beginning, and don't cheat, and you should easily find several things which need attention. I do really like the game, but the little things are what make me go and look for other games to play when I get fed up. Hopefully this will be taken in the spirit in which it was written.

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    Sounds like you need Iron Lungs & more AAs.

    mojo ball juices flowing? Gross.

    LIterally nobody is programming the game anymore.

    Nothing you say here matters.


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      What you need is more experience attacking harder opponents and you will learn that there are certain cards that are useless for attacking. Also you may be using the wrong perks on the wrong units or have the wrong combination of units needed to beat certain bases. You need to fight fire with fire, for example if they have bombardiers bring your own bombardiers. Also stick to your level, it will be very hard to beat a base that has units equipped with level 6 perks and you bring level 3 or level 4 perks to the attack. Perks is what makes the difference in attack. Need to break walls? Then you need to bring bullet firing units with damage perks.


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        I am somewhat limited on who I can attack, unless I am missing something, due to the computer giving me only a few opponent options. The CPU defend, like I mentioned earlier, has unlimited specials, so not much fun atm. I am playing with perks atm as well...I don't really see much difference in the end result so far. What does that guy mean no one is programming the game anymore? don't tell me this another one of those dead head games that just runs into the ground...that will suck! p.s. sorry for the juices ha ha

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      The CPU is meant to have unlimited specials, its meant to break your base but it’s not nearly as good as an attacker. You can build a base that will beat any wave attack but will be very weak against another player. You have to pick what’s more important to you at the moment farming or defend. Like I said the more bases you attack the more you understand how units react and which paths they tent to favor to follow. I have a few videos in YouTube of some attacks against a few 2 white skulls and nightmares that might give you ideas on how to build your base and how to attack.