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Veterans not finding cover, running out into battle

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  • Veterans not finding cover, running out into battle

    When defending my base I have my veterans set to find cover, however once the battle starts they run right to the front passing all the cover I have setup and pretty much get killed right away.

    They used to find cover and protect which was much more helpful, I am not sure why this is happening has anyone else experienced this

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    I also wish there was a way to assign priority to certain sandbag sets, to replenish troops at certain front sandbags vs filling from the back to the front.


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      Seems no matter what choice I make all my vets just run out into battle passing all my sandbags and getting killed.
      Is this a glitch or ?
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        A video of you taking the “take cover” action and then the veterans running to the frontlines would help them help you better.