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  • The Little Things

    Hello, this is going to be something of a rant, sorry not sorry.
    I enjoy this game like no other. Simply because it’s a game I sit back and watch, you don’t have many games like this. Still I have a lot of problems with this game not including the fact the game is designed to crash after some time. Annoying but I’ll get past that.

    My problems are just the little things.
    1. The GunsUp! Website information for stats of any and all units that have Medals that may increase any stat are not shown. Also, may not be up to date, Example: Riot has 1200 health but for most other Units they base their base health not their Buffed Metals Health. Meaning Unit Riot has a base Health of 1000 Health.

    2. What are the point of Metals if the bonus they provide over ridden when putting on a Perk card? Example (without any Hats) Unit: Grenade Launcher base DMG 170, Metal Bonus +15% DMG = 195.5, Perk card Legendary DMG (increase DMG by 52%) 170+88.4(52%) =258.4, 195.5+101.66(52%) =297.1 & In game DMG is 283.9? Across all the DMG perk cards this is true it is always somewhere in between the two numbers. When I first started writing this, I thought it was only Perks.

    3. Speaking of Hats even those are wrong. Example Unit: Grunt: Base Health 75, Metal Bonus 20% = 90, Ace of Spades (Helmet) +6% Health. 75+4.5(6%) = 79.5, 90+5.4(6%) = 95.4, In game 94.5? Even better the Elf Hat +10%, 90+9(10%) = 99, In game 97.5? Let go to the biggest health amount in the game. Unit Riot: Base Health 1000, Metal Bonus +20%, 1000+200(20%) = 1200, Elf Hat +10%, 1200+120(10%) = 1320, In game 1320, some units are fine but others aren’t. Lets even throw a perk card on top just to see. Legendary Health +35%, New Health 1320, 1320+462(35%) = 1782, In game 1740? Why are they wrong? I'm sorry if that’s a lot of random nonsense but you see my point, right?

    4. Lets get off numbers for a second, the fact that the AI can recognize being shot by a stray Bullet AND Line up a Magical Cross map shot is kind of annoying. Unit: Sniper, probably the worst offender, Rocketeer is up there though. Definitely. Can it be fix so this doesn't happen, and also fix when a sniper is shooting a bunker it cant kill it because the bunker never shoots at them?

    5. Fire rate. This is something I can’t really test myself. Still how does a shotgun (Engineer) have 10? We all know they are not firing faster the Rangers 2.22, Medics 5, even Assaults at 7.69? They are almost as fast as the Machine Gunner 11.77. Looking at any gun a unit is using you have to think something isn’t right. Look at the Mercenary they have a 0.83. In game they fire what looks like 3 round bursts. How is this almost 100% slow than the Rangers at 2.0? Most Rangers look like they fire on a Semi-automatic. Even Grunt at 1.2 are these numbers even right?

    6. Reload, Not reload speed. Why do they only reload when they run out? As anyone that plays a shooter of any kind. You know to reload any chance you get, right? The Flamer by far the worst at this. There is nothing to say about the Grenade Launcher, Sniper, Rocketeer, or even Riot because they only have one loaded.

    7. Anti-Air turret. If you line up four turrets top to bottom, then you most likely will notice that the bottom turret will fire first if within range at the top of the screen, even though it is closer to top turret.
    This will continue until bottom three are on cool down. From CPU Defend, you can get spammed by up to five Airborne attacks.

    8. Great back to CPU Defend. Why does the AI spam Attack cards? I don’t like being spammed by 5 Missiles, Gassed and the have 4 Paratroopers land on top of me. Why is there such a jump in difficulty? At and after wave 13? 3 of the 4 waves between veteran waves is 9-12 Machine Gunners/Commandos, with the Colonel(s) is ridiculous. For as many times as CPU defend has changed why can’t we also get XP for fighting off these monsters. No joke the Level 3 Veterans are Giants. Literally after wave 13 its just spam, not even the good kind. Like CPU Defend could be so amazing if it wasn’t this crazy. Hear me out. Imagine different modes. (1) every wave is only one type of enemy. (2) Endless Grunts, slowly flood them, or just chose one enemy to fight. (3) After each CPU defend you get one card. After 5 Waves you have a higher percent chance of getting a better card.

    9. Finally, why does every menu in GunsUp! Lag? Moving left to right then back again you stutter for a second like what you just looked at need to load back in? Mind you this happens on Normal PS4 and PS4 Pro.


    Also, can I ask for a couple things while I'm at it?
    1. Paratroopers, In CPU Defend why do we only get one? If we have the Command care why can’t we have a cool down timer to slowly get more?
    2. Tents, Simple why can’t each tent have a select feature just like the base? It is literally impossible to set up some units to fight on the front and some to sit back and defend. I might want a Ranger to be pushing the enemy back while a Sniper sits back and makes sure no one gets by. Speaking of this, why can’t we see where Tents are going to spawn the first 3 Units, in the Tactical View? Idea, could we draw a line for each Tent spawn to follow? Or?
    3. Lock cover, Hover over a piece of cover (Tank Trap, Sandbags) and lock it from being used by certain tent(s) 1,2, or 3.
    4. Can we buff CPU Defend? 1750 munitions for every 5 waves is sad, considering the drops are random. I feel like it’s a waste of 20 minutes for basically nothing. Getting 20,000 every ten minutes isn’t bad, its not what it used to be.
    Last edited by ZAXAM135; 03-04-2019, 10:15 AM.

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    You forgot to add that attacking certain bombardier bases triggers a crash screen when a decoy is used. But overall this is a great game to play.


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      A lot of the calculations are off here and this post contains a lot of misinformation.


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        Agreed. The "thought" put behind the majority of this rant is as atrocious as the misspelling; though I do like the idea of HQ paratroopers on a cooldown. God, they're so useless!