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    The developers must have grown tired to all the crying, so they set the game up to keep the bitching to a minimum. What's with this you only get to hit a base once crap, oh unless you want to spend a lot of gold for a rematch. GARBAGE! Oh, I got a whole six to choose from. Must be millions playing (more like a few hundred). Why don't you all grow a pair and open up the battles? I know guys like that Jedi Master are going to cry about it...oh well. They can spend more money...that's all the game wants anyways... money. YOU SUCK DEVELOPERS...AND PBS KIDS HAS TOUGHER GAMES THAN THE WAY YOU GOT THIS ONE SET UP!

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    There is no need to be hostile against the developers. You can only attack 1 base at a time, and you get to choose 2 out of each difficulty. Even if they opened up the battles, a lot of low level players (under level 50) can’t beat most or any of the higher levels (70+) your frustration might be because your having a hard time beating your nightmares. Your nightmare bases are for some of us just a 2 or 1 white skull. All you need to do is level up, perk up and you’ll start to do better.