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    Originally posted by IneptHitman View Post

    LMFAO wait how many accounts do you have again? Weren't you the guy who came out when I called on GZ that admitted to having like 15 accounts but you only play the small ones because your sick of putting up 20K on your main because it's too easy for you or some bs? And your explanation for drawing the same base 5 times in a row and all level 100+ players drawing a level 49 base.

    Also newsflash if your exploiting a glitch, it's cheating.
    Yes go ahead say to steve hes cheating wait when there are 20 low accounts in FryingShelFish 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


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      Oh I see my mistake that was a different RolexHoster that was bragging about his secondaries previously and how his main can easily put up 20K and that 0 and 11 is just because your really bad and need to have easy alliance battles apparently the same as those level 100+ being matched up with a 49. Way for all of you guys to support growth in this game by exploiting cheap glitches and hacks and driving people away from the game. As usual stay classy.


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        Level 49 ?😂😂😂😂 im level 75 oh btw synology aphelion and henek lost to me danicamino easy base so where u talking about? Ans how its bad if u dont know the reason afther it? U a joke. Just like u complete router 😂😂😂😂😂😂 HFH 💖


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          The original poster of this thread is level 49 but I forgot your attention span and ability to comprehend are next to nothing so let's circle back to that. Realistically the odds of 5 level 100+ accounts suddenly all attacking the same base in succession is extremely low to begin with, but also all getting matched up with a base 50+ levels below them as well? Either this game has the worst match up system in the history of gaming or exploits (which we know exist) are being used.

          And Rolex the fact that you admit using exploits to get easier bases and then bragging constantly about how good you is pretty much makes you the most pathetic player in the game, really don't care who you beat


          • Pikaro-_-8
            Pikaro-_-8 commented
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            I’m not sure if Rolex is the most pathetic, there is another one who is also going for the title 😂 (clayton)

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          Bugger me peoples I didn't want to start a shit fight Just point out a few of the many Better Players not have what's left of any honest players left blow each other up here. Guess I'll take my chill pill if you guys will
          Clay' You're are a great player But f
          uck you can go off ya rocker man! lol
          Guess I'll stop posting about them and change the mood for once Save my bombs for the infidel on the battlefield
          💣 💣


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          :)S̤̦͉̹̈́̃̽͝i̞̫̖̎͆͋̽ͅl̡̛̳̥̬̑̋́ȩ̟͍̮̔͒͑̊n̡͓̼͉̾̆̔́c̟̫̮̹̍̈́͑̕e͍̮̠̺̋͗͗̈́ ̳͎̻̲̑̑́͘Į̘̠̹̀̿̊̾ ̟̜̭̭̀́̋̽k̙͇̼̮͗̇͐́i̘͓̰̱͋̔̓̽l̥̘̺̻̃̿͐͋l͔͈̹͚͆͌̆̕ ̛̣̬̩̻͊̈́͠y̳̲̩̩̿̀͋̽ó̤̤̘͕͐̀̓u̹̥̼̾͋̔̓ͅ!͈͇̣̿̊̄̚͜:)


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            Click image for larger version

Name:	image_4673.jpg
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ID:	4673 Just this last one lol..

            Geeee.... I wonder how they managed that? Lets see Could it be from Better Playing .... Yesh yesh Better playing 😂😂
            Last edited by Achmed*PC; 06-12-2019, 07:30 AM.
            :)S̤̦͉̹̈́̃̽͝i̞̫̖̎͆͋̽ͅl̡̛̳̥̬̑̋́ȩ̟͍̮̔͒͑̊n̡͓̼͉̾̆̔́c̟̫̮̹̍̈́͑̕e͍̮̠̺̋͗͗̈́ ̳͎̻̲̑̑́͘Į̘̠̹̀̿̊̾ ̟̜̭̭̀́̋̽k̙͇̼̮͗̇͐́i̘͓̰̱͋̔̓̽l̥̘̺̻̃̿͐͋l͔͈̹͚͆͌̆̕ ̛̣̬̩̻͊̈́͠y̳̲̩̩̿̀͋̽ó̤̤̘͕͐̀̓u̹̥̼̾͋̔̓ͅ!͈͇̣̿̊̄̚͜:)


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              Isn't it funny how a player from that "----" alliance can turn on and off their cheats to attack you when not in an AB and in an AB. Naturally that player Synology from "----" will walk all over my weak base with His/Her soldiers maxed out (Gee I wonder how they managed that not through **Eh'Hem** cheats No surely not... ) No this time it was a totally legit *Looking* defeat.

              Well that's what happened anyhow I guess total losers who need to rely on cheats to get to where they are and once their up there can stop using them then say "I don't use cheats" no doubt But the net doesn't forget little things like that.... They should be banned from steam and lose ALL purchases from their accounts!
              :)S̤̦͉̹̈́̃̽͝i̞̫̖̎͆͋̽ͅl̡̛̳̥̬̑̋́ȩ̟͍̮̔͒͑̊n̡͓̼͉̾̆̔́c̟̫̮̹̍̈́͑̕e͍̮̠̺̋͗͗̈́ ̳͎̻̲̑̑́͘Į̘̠̹̀̿̊̾ ̟̜̭̭̀́̋̽k̙͇̼̮͗̇͐́i̘͓̰̱͋̔̓̽l̥̘̺̻̃̿͐͋l͔͈̹͚͆͌̆̕ ̛̣̬̩̻͊̈́͠y̳̲̩̩̿̀͋̽ó̤̤̘͕͐̀̓u̹̥̼̾͋̔̓ͅ!͈͇̣̿̊̄̚͜:)


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                Originally posted by Achmed*PC View Post
                Ok after been hit by the same Alliance for 5X in a row So far How IDK?...Oh wait yes Cheats!...... And all using cheats It's safe to say the whole alliance are cheats! And they should be very proud of it!
                I don't give a rats left testicle if I keep sharing these cheats They all should be exposed for the *Better Players* they are.

                Attachment Attachment Attachment Attachment
                Being hit by the same group of ppl sucks! That happened to me as well. I even got hit by one person 3x in a row lol. I jus figured it may have something to do with the fact that my base power reached a over 10k. I could be wrong, but that's when I noticed I was getting hit up more frequently by ---- Alliance.

                Btw.....These comments are hilarious! Lol