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Sharpshooter vs Sniper

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  • Sharpshooter vs Sniper

    While you can make either INCREDIBLY CHEAP with a Diamond "$" perk, let's talk about and compare both units.

    My thoughts on the SS is that they are inferior to the Sniper for 1 simple reason: 29 range.

    I remember when they used to have 30 range before they got nerfed and now they are just NOT a viable unit. For some reason it seems that even with their medal and a health perk, the SSs just aren't "tanky" enough to justify running them as your preferred unit over snipers. They will get absolutely shredded by snipers and when trying to overcompensate with anything other than $ perk, they are too expensive and don't have the range to cut it for defeating snipers, they don't have the damage to cut it for endless clips, and they don't have the hp to cut it for drastically outclassing rangers. If you try to run SS & sniper, then you're just not typically diverse enough to overcome a wide variety of situations. If you want to run damage/fire rate/rapid deploy/volunteers, you're going to be dissatisfied with the quantity of SS that spawn AND run out of $ very quickly. Oddly, perhaps the best possible take on SS is to run them like some sort of hyper-Ranger by assigning damage/$/rapid deploy/volunteers and hoping for the best; but they're still going to have a hell of a time shredding walls and you'll inevitably be dissatisfied.

    While the sniper is fun as hell to put damage/fire rate/reload perks on with endless clips or volunteers, they get to be too expensive and are essentially overkill with that much compensation on them. A health perk doesn't seem to do them justice, even at a diamond level. Therefore, it's best to go with damage and $, and..... either speed, reload, or fire rate. I personally prefer the reload perk. I've seen loads of people put endless clips on their snipers, but I really feel that you can never have too much of a good thing, so volunteers is the superior hero perk to have on them. Even with endless clips, their fire rate leaves much to be desired and they do not one-shot kill everything every time. A frequent double dose of snipers with volunteers can be amazing. Getting a lot of snipers out with rapid deploy is pretty cool, but a bombardier formation will absolutely wreck your numbers instantly due to their low HP. This is why the 3rd perk should always come down to either reload speed or fire rate, depending on your preference. It is difficult to say which is the superior perk.
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    I've been using the SS's lately to give them a run & see how they could fit into my base design. So far it's been cool. But that was only that short amount of time before the season started. We'll see how they get down. Fire rate/damage/and I believe I'm using the reload perk. I didn't care to use the volunteer perk bcuz to me it wasn't necessary. However, when I had all 3 tents with SS's, that volunteer perk was ok.
    I love the snipers. But their health is str8 garbage! So using the volunteer perk with them is a much. Also when u use the damage perk they can definitely slow something down if not shut it down.


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      I was speaking offensively, and if you're not using Iron Lungs on the defending SSs, you're toast.

      Click image for larger version

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        I tried bringing them both and it worked alright.

        Fire rate seems more important on SS, while reload seems more important on Snipers. Both had Volunteers & $ on 'em.


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          I used the SS's earlier. But only to up the accolades. I didn't pay much attention to them at all. But then the bases I battled weren't that strong either.


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            I've decided to swap 'em in when I have enough vets; if not, I'll sub in Sgts.


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              I don't agree with the devs nerfing the Sharpshooter's range. I think that was a terrible idea, but they're alright. Snipers vs Sharpshooters is basically quality versus quantity. Sharpshooters do lots of damage and don't miss making them excellent for taking down structures and high health units. Sharpshooters fire much faster but don't have the damage or flawless accuracy of the Sniper, making them better suited to take down mobs of enemies, especially when equipped with like poison bullets. Snipers and Sharpshooters both make excellent scouts and they complement each other very well.

              Sharpshooter used to be a excellent counter to Snipers, but the nerf really brought down their viability in that regard a bit.


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                Excellent insight, Kenpo. That 1 extra point of range REALLY makes the difference. So PB>VOL you say?


                • Kenpo_Kid69
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                  Poison bullets complement them very well, yes.

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                I just feel like I'd much rather (possibly) have an extra SS come out whenever I buy one, and PB seems about useless vs. defending troops w/IL. That being said, PB could be pretty cool based off the 29 range and decent fire rate with the diamond perk. Their price is certainly decent with diamond $ on them.


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                  It wasn't. Volunteers is the superior perk. SS basically become long-range Rangers that way.