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  • Guns Up Mobile App

    Hey guys,

    Just wanted to say that this game has me more hooked than any other PS4 game I've ever played. I think the creators did a fantastic job. I think about the game even when I'm at work. So much in fact that I wish there was a mobile app where I could see who attacked my base while I was away and even download a replay of what happened. If any of the devs read this, please at least think about it. I'd love an app that keeps me connected to the game even when i'm away from my PS4.

    What do you guys think? Am I reaching for the stars here, or would anyone else like this feature?

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    I would love that


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      well not exactly mobile app but if you have a PS vita, new sony phone, or a mac/win 10 laptop just do remote play


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        Hmmm...for the sake of discussion, if there was a GU! mobile app what kind of info would you think would be the most useful in this app?


        • bambamnice
          bambamnice commented
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          It could tell us when we have been attacked and who by, their base power amd an option to attack people using the phone as we can tap the units to attack and drag the specials onto where we want to put them. The option to see and change/upgrade our base. Daily rations because if you are on say like 75 days and you go on holiday it will reset to day one but you could use the mobile app to continue daily rations these are suggestions

        • Double_Clutch_89
          Double_Clutch_89 commented
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          I'd just want to know who attacked, and what was the result. I also want to see replays.

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        Daily rations and replays would be great. Purchasing card packs and use of the card combiner would also be useful.


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          That would actually be quite something, having a GU! mobile app.


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            A view of your beautiful base with the ability to change, purchase, upgrade features of it, Alliance chat room, defend history alert, Special Ops announcements, any Alerts info, Forums, messages, daily missions info (due or on going/progress)


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              Try using PS4 Remote Play for PC or Mac


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                This is a really great idea, especially if you do not have a PS Vita and you are out and about. Like mentioned above; being able to collect daily rations and check your defensive replays would be really cool. Then you could be at work all day pondering about how you are going to change your base or attack that guy....that keeps attacking you!!! Hey....Don't Delay!!! Retaliate Today!!!


                • cusman
                  cusman commented
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                  I have played Guns Up! using PS4 Remote Play option and it is well suited to it. I recommend using PC / Mac over PS-Vita which can also be used. I just prefer using a DS4 controller.