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  • my update idea's

    new very rare card ( equivalent to getting a new building from a pvp win ) which allows you to choose a previously dynamited obstacle and bring it back (uses up the card in the process).
    new command card, which when in use lets other command card last stand units take cover as if they were tent units, or maybe just let last stand units take cover please?
    new super rare command card, let tents spawn 1 additional set of troops.
    new command card similar in rarity to ego card, ( mirror world ) your base is now right to left instead of left to right
    new command card, buildings fire 10% faster
    new attack cards for truck, more truck hp / truck parks closer,farther / truck has extra gun on top / truck has monster truck wheels LOL / truck is now an icecream truck with snowcone gun

    new opponent option 4 red skull base, ( finds a random max lvl player and gives his structures 20% more hp / dmg / firerate / more hq spawns for this battle only)(for a bigger challenge) ( hopefully by the time something like this is considered, the defense exploits have been fixed).

    new structure, 15 build points, tripwire mini-smoke mine when triggered causes a smaller smoke screen in the area.
    new random drops during cpu defend, defend waves / barrels\barbed wire (extra barrels and barbed wire u can temporarily place until the defend is over) (and can be placed over destroyed pieces)- new cpu defend only special, u can choose one enemy unit its head explodes and drops a munitions loot box.

    Headquarters idea, have it so that lvl 3 hq's will start spawning 1 medic in between every 2 normal waves\ and lvl 4 hq's also spawn 1 engineer ( these will not take cover they will just go on a maintenance trip!) Perhaps as 2 new very rare command cards?
    new funny truck change, if munitions attack card is used, the truck will have a small trailer full of ammo boxes.
    premium capes for units? ( money making potential? eh eh?).
    new half-wall, only 1 build point and is exactly half a wall.
    headquarters customization, different colors? disco balls? doorway hippie beads? xD.
    sniper towers and bunkers have units in them, but the mortars are ghost powered? electric? lets put some crews on those mortars?
    new hero unit idea, acts like a normal assault troop ( but more expensive) and starts dismantling barbed wire when it comes accross it, once per crew.
    new attack card, all bullets,explosions replaced with paint balls. lol
    new hero unit, veteran (1 unit)(400 cost) holds a rally flag and causes troops in a decent area to converge on him and run with him with a small movespeed boost.
    new attack card, truck parking sign, truck will attempt to reach sign spot and stay there ( to avoid getting cheesed by 3 tent mercs and such)
    new hero unit, (1unit) carries a personal mortar with one barrel, this unit targets enemy buildings and can see through walls ( very squishy, like a grunt) cost 500

    I could probably go on.. but im excited to see some criticism. Notice me Devs!

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    i might as well add i just now thought of it, make it so that walls cant be placed in a large radius around the headquarters, so people cant block the door


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      We need a new tank trap that is 3 sides instead of 4 sided. its really annoying when my spawn troops stand on the wrong side..


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        Truck needs help, armor level's would be best, bigger guns, take a page from psn game on ps3 Renegade OPS.


        • #5
          really should get to put cards on your truck or see them at your base... yes them!


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            I also think there should be some perks on hat ie. night vision should benefit night battle giving more range and accuracy but makes the men using them useless in day battles. Gas mask already have a perk but it's for the flamers. placement of light should also harm NV googles.


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              Some needs to be changed with the cost of things. I'd like to buy what I want when I want it using munitions not so much real money. I got to say it keeps a lot a my friend from playing the game because of randomness and cost of things.


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                A perk to make the Engineer stay at the truck until he does his job and finishes the repairs before going into battle, he needs to prioritize.


                • Chlaenius
                  Chlaenius commented
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                  Brilliant. It could be awarded upon completion of an additional Engineer-medal!

              • #9
                I notice you, and we read the feedback on the forums

                There are some great ideas in here:
                Love the truck perk/upgrade ideas, tent spawn command card, smoke mine, rally unit/banner unit, mortar unit, night vision goggle perk, gas mask perk, half wall, and so on.

                I can't guarantee that we'll do any of those, but I do take notes for future updates.

                Also as far as bringing back dynamited objects is concerned, it's not the same as your idea, but base rest is in progress.


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                  Cool ideas!


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                    des nouvelles idées d'accord mais rectifier certaine comme augmenter la cadence de tir du mercenaire qui est devenu inférieur a celui du soldat


                    • ArchaicLotus
                      ArchaicLotus commented
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                      Wow, people went off topic. Snake, you have a lot of solid ideas there; a lot. Very creative, and those ideas would work for how GU! is laid out.

                      Peer was asking the general populace if we thought an idea only section should be added to the forums. This is a good idea, because so many good ideas are spread throughout different posts in these forums that I feel there is little encouragement for developers to search for what the player's want.

                    • Chlaenius
                      Chlaenius commented
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                      Couldn't have said it better myself, Lotus -- we need a dedicated Ideas and suggestions-section added to the forums.