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Bug: Minimum Wage card too rare

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  • Bug: Minimum Wage card too rare

    It says it is a "common" card but I've only received one and I'm level 23. Please fix.

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    Rewards cards are random & there are a lot of them. So even a 'common' one might not show up all that often. Have you tried buying some common card packs? Upgrading some attack cards you dont use much / have a lot of?
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      After making this post it's much better, I got a couple, keep it up, thanks for fixing so quickly!!


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        I agree. I didn't get many and stopped getting them after a few.


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          Regardless of the classification, certain Perks drop less often and these are the more desirable ones like Minimum Wage and Damage. That said, there was a recent Special Operation where you could net unlimited Minimum Wage for a solid 2 weeks to stock up, and currently there is another Special Operation granting unlimited Damage perks again for a full 2 week window.

          When these type of opportunities come up, try and get all the Minimum Wage, Damage, or whatever else is being offered in guaranteed way while the Special Operation lasts.


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            Originally posted by AcceleratorPlex View Post
            It says it is a "common" card but I've only received one and I'm level 23. Please fix.
            Got a Level 3 Minimum Wage Perk today from recycling my excess of unused Berserk cards (among a bunch of other perks including Damage, Reload, and Firing Rate)

            Click image for larger version

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