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Live Item News: GUNS UP! Sneak Peek! Veterans!

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  • Live Item News: GUNS UP! Sneak Peek! Veterans!

    Hey guys! It’s your friendly, neighborhood GU! admin here with another Sneak Peek into new content headed your way in the 2.18 Update. Today we are going to take a gander at the new Veteran Units! Veterans are Units that have been promoted for their courage under fire and valor in the face of danger on the battlefield. Individual units will be promoted to different Veteran ranks based on their performance during a battle. You’ll want to take care of these high ranking units, as they’ll be stronger and tougher than their novice counterparts. Once Units becomes Veterans, they’ll lead the charge on attack or hunker down and help defend your base. While Veteran Units can dish out and take more damage than normal Units, they are not invincible! You’ll have to work hard to keep your Veterans in fighting shape and may even have to promote new cadets to refill your ranks. So be on the lookout for the new Veteran system coming your way and stay tuned to the forums for more info!

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    Oh great.....I'll be grinding for another month straight....😩 I must get all of my units to veteran status!


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      Omg reading it. So... using a unit will upgrade is stats with a kind of exp reward but! if I'm not wrong I have to keep it up because they'll lose that veteran experience overtime, right? Insane hook-up great job DEVs! (No sarcasm). Alpha-3 stars-General-Grunts incoming!


      • SD-PEER81
        SD-PEER81 commented
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        Veteran Units will be separate from your normal Units. As an example, you can rank up an Engineer to Veteran status by taking him into successful battles and as long as he doesn't die he will be available to call in future battles but you will also still have non-Veteran Engineers available. Veteran status is applied to a single Unit and not the entire group. When it comes to losing Veteran status, a Veteran Unit in you're defensive set-up can lose rank if your base keeps getting beaten but you can either maintain this status by taking him into more successful attacks or simply make new Veterans. So there is some maintenance required in keeping a Unit at Veteran status but you can always make more.

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      Yes to clarify, these aren't class upgrades. It's actual individual units that get promoted and you get to keep them after the battle for the next round of attack or defense. It's not a grind but it's definitely not easy as they can die in battle if you're not careful. You also get to choose when and if you want to deploy them in battle.


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        Ahhhhh! Great can't wait to see how the deployment and barracks will be!