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Live Item News: GUNS UP! Sneak Peek! Training Grounds Command Card!

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  • Live Item News: GUNS UP! Sneak Peek! Training Grounds Command Card!

    The next big update is almost upon us and we wanted to take a moment to give you another Sneak Peek into some of the new content headed your way! Today’s Sneak Peek will focus on the new Training Grounds Command Card, which causes all of your tents to spawn their assigned units 10% faster than their normal spawn times. Want to get those Snipers into the perfect position faster? Looking to pump those Engineers out quicker to keep your structures in tact? Then be sure to get your hands on the new Training Grounds CC once the update releases!

    Click image for larger version

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  • #2
    Actually really excited about this, looks pretty awesome.


    • #3
      It's a good idea, yet having veteran units solves this issue. Sure not everyone has veterans. Take the top most popular HQ cards and create a card that is equal, if not a little better than what is already most popular.

      For example: every 10th kill your defense commits, a "unit card" will spawn this troop to help defend HQ.

      When updates do happen, they are great. I'm grateful that you all continually improve the game.


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        Thanks for the love guys! Be sure to keep an eye out in the forums as I should have some more update info for you all very soon.


        • #5
          This just instantly became the best 10% CC. Keep up the great work


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            Great… Another command card I'll never get. Sorry to be negative about the new card but the more cards you Add to the game the less likely we are to get the cards that we want it's kind of frustrating.

            I started a new base and I opened six hero crates and got four legendary fire resistance perks… That's one of the worst perks in the game next to chemical resistance. I really wish they would combine those two perks into one a.k.a. gas mask. is just frustrating

            Please figure out a way to limit the cards we can get. You should not be able to get more than six of any HQ defender cards since is all you can run, just take them out of the loot pool.


            • #7
              Yeah, same with the tachimetric card I've only seen them in other bases amongst other cards that never drop on my side. Maybe a renting system much like the one for units but instead we can rent HQ cards or defend cards.


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                Wow I can not wait to get my hands on this CC, this thing is 'epic'...but most likely legendary; right? :P I can understand where a few of you are coming from with not getting the CC that you would like but it is just luck of the dice. I finally just got the Commando CC from a defensive win today, and have also had a terrible streak with opening Unit Crates there for a while. The thing you have to keep in mind is that the RNG is what makes this game awesome...if everyone had the best HQ CC and units then it just wouldn't quite be the same, and personally I like that about this game. I love how everyone is not max level and everyone has the same best end game equipment and perks...don't you???


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                  I still don't have all my Hero units (did get Colonel today from Red Crate I opened), so I don't open any Blue Crates. Good to know that new Command Cards are being added to the mix.
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                  • Mr__Yuck__
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                    Yeah the new training grounds CC is pretty sweet. I still need to get the Colonel myself, but I did just manage to finally pick up a General Contractor CC today from a 3x red.

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                  What rarity is this card?

                  I just cant seem to get it