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Announcement: GUNS UP! Steam Version - Elite Testing Squad Recruitment

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  • Announcement: GUNS UP! Steam Version - Elite Testing Squad Recruitment

    Hello, Soldiers! We’re excited to announce that development on a Steam version of GUNS UP! is under way! That means that before too long, you'll have more bases to ally and compete with. Two platforms, but one big(ger) GUNS UP family. To help us make this dream a reality, we’re looking to form an elite squad of testers consisting of the most dedicated players this community has to offer. We’ve been blessed to have great community contributors and bug reporters, making us confident that the elite team we seek is right here on the forums! While this is a great opportunity to be the first ones in, it’s not going to be a walk in the park. If any of these realities sounds like a deal breaker, you’re probably better off sitting this one out:
    • The progress you make on your Steam account will be completely wiped, potentially more than once, before the official launch
    • The Steam version is a work in progress and will have several bugs and non-functional features exclusive to this version
    • While we'll eventually have full Mouse and Keyboard functionality, the initial builds will require a PS4 controller to play
    • We’re expecting everyone on this elite team to play and contribute bug reports in a special Elite Testing Squad sub-forum
    • There may be some compatibility issues with specific PC setups, including yours! These are the types of things we’re interested in finding out in this early testing
    • There may be longer gaps between new Steam updates containing fixes and newly functional features. PS4 live status is still the priority and we are a small team, so you’ll need some patience in this regard.

    If you think you’d be a good fit for this mission, send a private message to SD-PEER81 with your PSN handle, Steam handle, email address, and PC specs (processor speed, RAM, graphics card). We’re hoping to get started soon and will reach out with instructions shortly!

    Steam FAQ can be found here
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    Huge thanks go out to all of our community bug reporters - the level of detail and the speed at which the reports come in shows just how dedicated this community is!


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      Originally posted by SD-PEER81 View Post
      What kind of computer do I need to run the game?
      We’re hoping to get a better idea of the minimum requirements from our initial private access testers, but we’re confident that you should be able to run the game with anything at or higher than these specs:
      Processor: CPU Intel i7 - 4790 3.60GHz
      Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4600
      RAM: 8gb DDR3
      Oh my PC needs upgrade.
      PS4/Steam: odytsak


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        I have a Mac computer but I'd be happy to test this using VMware fusion running Windows 10.

        3 GHz Quad core
        1 GB video
        32 GB of RAM

        If there's a Mac version (which I recommend making) I'm also game for helping with that.


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          Those specs will get updated. We're doing a bunch of work optimizing.


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            The CPU requirement is way too high. Not many people have i7-4790 or better. That CPU alone costs more than the PS4 pro!!!


            • cusman
              cusman commented
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              They need to do some serious optimization to their code requiring so much CPU to work well.

            • GUNSUP_QA
              GUNSUP_QA commented
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              The graphics card (or lack of dedicated graphics card in this case) is likely the bottleneck; we're hoping to discover more about min specs through this process, so don't let the example CPU scare you off!

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            For those of you testing GU on Steam, I was wondering if we can get a performance update? I'm especially curious about CPU Defend past the 35+ minute mark. Does the game lock up/ enemies teleporting through walls or lag the same? Someday I look forward to a true test for CPU defend, but without the game messing up.


            • cusman
              cusman commented
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              One would have to put in a ton of time on the test version where they have said they will be resetting the account as we go through major version updates leading up to Steam release to be able to test 35+ minute CPU Defends.

              For my Steam testing, I am focusing on controller / interface issues, multi-monitor support, full screen vs windowed, etc

              In terms of performance, the Steam test version shows FPS value near top right at all times and in my time it tends to stay steady between 59.xx and 60.xx, except during some loading screens where for very brief moment you can notice it dip down to 20s. The loading is faster than PS4 version of game, but it isn't full feature yet (no Alliance Battles, no defend reports, no News things, etc).
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