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Announcement: Alliance Battles Season 3!

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  • Announcement: Alliance Battles Season 3!

    Attention soldiers! GUNS UP! Alliance Battles Season 3 is right around the corner and we’re looking for a few good soldiers to help us fight the good fight! Just like with every new Alliance Battle Season, Season 3 will give a fresh start to all of the competing Alliances, both old and new. So whether you’re a veteran or a new recruit…this newest Alliance Battle Season will give you an equal opportunity to compete for that highly coveted Platinum Tier Alliance Badge! Be sure to keep those troops sharp and choose you Alliance members wisely, then hit the battlefield this Season to claim lucrative rewards and eternal glory!

    #1 Alliance: Platinum Tier Badge and Platinum Card Pack
    Top 3% of Alliances: Gold Tier Badge and Gold Card Pack
    Top 20% of Alliances: Silver Tier Badge and Silver Card Pack
    Top 60% of Alliances: Bronze Tier Badge and Bronze Card Pack

    Note: GUNS UP! Alliance Battles Season 3 begins Tuesday, May 16th @ 12PM Pacific Time and ends on Tuesday, May 30th @ 12PM Pacific Time.

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    Along with badges and card packs you can give us some unique reward items like “The Big Guns” Banner Emblem

    Click image for larger version

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    or “The BIG GUNS” Banner Topper (Crest)

    Click image for larger version

Name:	GUNS UP!™_20170512115704111.jpg
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    I know these unique items were exclusively only on high rank beta players
    but you can create something new for the Top Alliance or Top 3 or even Top 10 Alliances.
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      I want to ask a question and an adivse about Trophies
      • Question:
      • Bronze - “Badge of Honor” - Be in an Alliance that receives a badge at the end of an Alliance Battle Season
      • Is it mean i have to get top3 in my alliance to get the trophy or just be in an alliance which get the tier badge?It is very important for me because get top3 in my alliance "Hunters of Honor" is a little bit hard next season.
      • Silver - “Impact Resistant” - Acquire a level 7 wall
      • This trophy pop after level up a wall to level 7.It means if a player who play 3 version of games(Gunsup! have US/EU/Asia versions and total 3 set trophies)had level max all the walls before updata and now he only can get this trophy in one verion by level up the wall of increased purchasable limit in 2.50 updata.It is very important for some trophy hunters like me that it have chance can't get this trophy in the other 2 version of games.So please think about this problem before add new trophies,for this trophy the better way is cheak the player had a level 7 wall or not.


      • cusman
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        Pretty sure you just need to get an Alliance Badge in Season 3 for the Badge of Honor trophy.

        Edit: Also worth mentioning, they increased maximum wall count from 31 to 32 so anybody that already was at Max walls got a new Wall option along with the release of new trophy. It is not unattainable.
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      But. All players play witch sharpshooter and bombardier ^^" it's don't fun ^^" (for defence)


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      Interesting change in the rules. Now that 40% of Alliances are guaranteed to get nothing, I wonder if there will be more competition to get and hold on to Silver tier like my Alliance has done in last couple of seasons.
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        I still only have 1 red skull but players ranked higher still have 2 red. How come?


        • xBino
          xBino commented
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          Yeah I don't know what to tell you. I have 2 reds now after the last update, and I can't even explain why...