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Announcement: GUNS UP! Sneak Peek! New Alliance Tiers and Defensive Alliance Points!

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  • Announcement: GUNS UP! Sneak Peek! New Alliance Tiers and Defensive Alliance Points!

    Attention soldiers! The 2.60 Update is right around the corner and we’ve got a Sneak Peek double-header that we wanted to share with you.

    First up, we’re introducing new Alliance Tiers as a way to differentiate between Alliances at each level in the leaderboards. There’s also a brand new "Legendary" tier for those who can reach it! Be sure to keep an eye out for the new Alliance Tiers headed to an Alliance Battle Season near you!

    Next, we’re gonna touch a bit on the new Defensive Alliance Points. From now on, successful Alliance Battle defends will result in Defensive Alliance Points for the defender. So be sure to keep your base in tip-top condition for a chance to earn Defensive Alliance Points as a new way to contribute to your Alliance’s success!

    Stay tuned for more info on the 2.60 update headed to a battlefield near you in GUNS UP!
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  • #2
    simply beatiful... a really big great idea , the defense is an important part of the game an is logical , we spend many hours making bases and now is rewarding, like so much, GU rules !!!!


    • #3
      Too late, Immortals got 2 gold packs/badges instead of 2 legendary packs/badges in season 1 and 3,
      Many Immortals and long time players already left the game for unbalanced Alliance battles and rewards,
      It was not fair the same gold reward from #2 Alliance to #40.
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      PS4/Steam: odytsak


      • mitsmarg
        mitsmarg commented
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        I find it funny when top tier alliances who mainly use glitches/secondary accounts get to the top talk about what is FAIR in the game and what isn't.

    • #4
      Thanks for apply this changes. Long life to guns up!


      • #5
        As soon as using multiple accounts to spam Alliance Points is addressed. Then I'll be interested. At least give advanced players more points for beating real bases. The Defense points is a step in the right direction though.


        • #6
          I like the idea of defense points, but this only encourages cookie cutter bases with high base power, pathing glitches, sniper towers behind rocks, and all sniper bases. I miss the days where you would see low base power bases but they were creatively set up and hard to beat. goodbye diversity at the high tiers


          • #7
            I like this concept of points for winning against an enemy who fails to conquer your base. I would like to see something a little more basic though. Having the ability to attack those in your fight list. One white skull thru three red skulls would have a range in points achieved. I bet anything you get more players to come back into the fold with that concept. Booger accounts still would be used though not as heavy as they are now. I left my alliance merely on the rewards you hand out. I still find beating on two/three white skulls enjoyable (things still drop for me no matter what) as I don't typically attack bases that are sniper heavy.


            • #8
              Thanks for listening to the community feedback and making defense a viable part of contributing to Alliance Wars. I hope many Alliance Battles come face my base in Season 4