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Announcement: Special Operation: Battle Hardened!

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  • Announcement: Special Operation: Battle Hardened!

    Attention soldiers! We’ve got a new Special Operation for you all designed to help you earn the edge over your opponents in the upcoming Alliance Battles Season 5! Starting on Friday, July 7th @ 4am Pacific and running until Monday, July 10th @ 4am Pacific, Special Operation: Battle Hardened is a go! During this SpecOp, we’ll be rewarding a Bonus Alliance Battle for each Hard Mission you complete. The Bonus Alliance Battles will stack on top of your daily Alliance Battles allowance and can be used as soon as Alliance Battles Season 5 begins! So make sure you tackle those Hard Missions to earn your Bonus Alliance Battles for use in GUNS UP!

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    This is great, but my Hard right now is Paratroopers needing to do 101 enemy unit kills. Doh!

    Can we please put some Perks and Hats on our Paratroopers and make them less scrubby for fighting vs enemy units? The opponents I face are generally decked out with Legendary and Ultra Perks. The Paratroopers are fine vs buildings, but they can't fight enemy units.
    Alliance: Helldivers
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    • cusman
      cusman commented
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      For the one wanting 50 HQ kills, I just remove my HQ Squad and all Structures and set Veterans to Attack Truck and use Missiles etc on my own Veterans. My base does have couple of HQ Defender cards on it so that helps.

      It is easier to me than getting 101 enemy unit kills using Paratroopers since I don't encounter Grunt / Assault defended bases and even then they are Legendary or Ultra perk equipped and Paratroopers choose to attack buildings over soldiers.

      Doing the 101 enemy unit kills using Paratroopers on my Steam account (level 22 or so) was much easier because of the opponents being easier.

    • Rabah_1989
      Rabah_1989 commented
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      it's very easy , just use 3 paratroopers and tear gaz and look for a weak base uses grunt card and kill them using your paratroopers, again and again

    • cusman
      cusman commented
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      Very easy for my weak Steam account where I had same mission because as you said Paratroopers with Tear Gas against a high Grunt base works.

      Not very easy for my PSN account where I don't get any opponents that are still using Grunts for base defense. Not even on 1 White Skull. Even if they have Grunts, they have Ultra Perks and rip through the Paratroopers while I get 1-2 kills. Needing to do that 50 more times is not attractive endeavor.

      While all the units Paratroopers face as enemy units can be upgraded to Ultra Perks, and they are still without Hats or Perks, they are super weak.