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Announcement: Alliance Battles Season 5!

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  • Announcement: Alliance Battles Season 5!

    Attention soldiers! Alliance Battles Season 5 is right around the corner and we wanted to give you a heads up on this upcoming season. AB Season 5 will be 1 week long, as opposed to 2 weeks like some of the previous seasons. The rewards for this season will be adjusted accordingly to reflect the shorter season. So be sure to go extra hard during AB Season 5 in order to take those top Alliance spots and show the rest of the GU! Community who’s the best!

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    Hmm... so far I have liked most is 2 weeks on and then 2 weeks break. This gives more time to enjoy some other games or even just play Guns Up more casually in between Alliance Seasons.

    Will be interesting to see how a 1 week Alliance Season goes


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      I like this. Requested for a week long war round recently . By doing this, we can have more alliance wars. 2 week battle time and 2 week cooldown time means you only get one, and occasionally two each month or 12-15 a year. If we get 1 week battle time, and 1 week cool downs, we can have 2 - 3 alliance wars every month. Which is a lot more in a year.
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        1. Since the latest update, the game is ruined for me, after 15 mins in the game (PVP / CPU) the game crashes with the blue screen showing the error: CE-34878-0. The game is now, unplayable for me.
        2. I have no clue, why you guys are updating the game weekly, and still... the game have lots of glitches, errors, etc. Just entered a new ally, and i was excited for Season #5, but now, it is totally ruined for me!!
        3. This game isn't even fun anymore with all of does glitches, errors, its ffs unplayable!


        Can't play the game for more than 15 mins! crash crash crash crash...... in just 1 hour this error has occured 5 times! -.-'
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          Same here. The game constantly crashing.


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            mmm 7 days and 26k gold sounds good


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              Spending 7 days to a season is enough for me! Personally i feel forced to play the last couple of days when It lasts 2 weeks in order to set a decent score. You guys are doing great work, thnx