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Announcement: GUNS UP! 2.05 Client Code Update info and more!

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  • Announcement: GUNS UP! 2.05 Client Code Update info and more!

    The GUNS UP! Team wants to share some of the content which is planned for the upcoming GU! 2.05 Client Code Update, as well as some info on what we have in development and planned for future updates. We think that being more transparent will be better overall, but hope you all understand that plans can and do change so these are not guarantees. Before we get ahead of ourselves though, let’s talk about what’s planned for the GU! 2.05 Client Code Update coming soon.

    GUNS UP! 2.05 Client Code update content:

    Bug Fixes (including but not limited to):
    • Fixed assigned perks duplicating between two units, which made newly acquired perks appear to vanish as they filled in the second assigned duplicate perk
    • Fixed active missions resetting progress if the game was open when the reset timer hit 0:00
    • Fixed completed missions being set as the active mission with no reward
    • Fixed enemy units occasionally gaining greatly increased health when moving through barbed wire in CPU defend
    • Fixed multi-kills with landmines not counting for missions
    • Fixed not being able to retaliate correctly when accessing history from the friends list

    New Content:
    • “Engineer” Standard Unit available to everyone in the Barracks
    • Level 6 Sniper Towers
    • New “Base Power” stat added to base and PVP screens
    • 7 new Defend Waves

    Tweaks & Tuning:
    • Reduced Mortar effectiveness
    • Increased Transport Truck stopping distance
    • Improved PVP UI
    • Small load times reduction on boot and between attacks
    • Progress bar added to Update Content screen
    • Removed the “Press X” prompt from the splash screen
    • Increased file transfer buffer size, which may decrease additional content download times

    Next up, we’d like to point out some of the content that is currently in development and that we hope to include in future updates that will be coming to GU! but at this point does not have a firm date for completion.

    In Development for GU!:
    • Replays
    • New Trophies
    • New Hero Units: General and Sergeant
    • Two new “Air Support” Command Cards
    • Improved AI logic
    • Improved Frame Rate
    • Improved Load Times
    • Additional Command Cards
    • Additional Level 6 structures
    • Continued bug fixes
    • Daily Rewards

    Lastly, we’d like to talk about some of the content that we think is important for the future. Many of these ideas have been requested by you, the GU! Community and we would like to thank you for these suggestions and hope that we will be able to get them into GU! in the future.

    Future Plans for GU!:
    • Alliances
    • Tanks
    • Base Resets
    • Veteran Units

    There are many more things not listed that will come and are being investigated, but hopefully this is enough to give some insight into the relative near future for GUNS UP! Again, please keep in mind that any of this content and its potential inclusion in GU! is subject to change and that the further out a specific addition to GU! is the greater chance it has to change.

    Please keep your suggestions coming so that you can help guide the gaming experience. Thanks again to everyone for all of your support and interest in GUNS UP!, and for sticking with us as we continue to develop GU!

    -The GUNS UP! Team
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    Sounds great! Looking forward to v2.05 & beyond
    "Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level & beat you with experience."


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      Wow truly transparent ._. Ty for caring about us i think im falling in love lmao


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        You guys are awesome


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          Sweet! XD Any additional info on the new classes? Also, you guys seriously need to do something about the A.I. glitching through rocks and walls after being staggered in CPU Defend.


          • LANETHEMAN
            LANETHEMAN commented
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            i think he will specialize in destroying barbed wire.

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          Awesome! These are just the things we need! Those bug fixes are so great! And those future bug fixes and new units especially the TANKS are great! Thank you Gunsup and keep up the good work!


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            Hey JonxExZomxB,
            So, we haven't been able to fix the underlying cause for the wall glitching in this patch, but we feel that one bug up there will help alleviate the problem a ton:
            • Fixed enemy units occasionally gaining greatly increased health when moving through barbed wire in CPU defend
            Units get stuck in walls/rocks mostly because they're stumbling from bullet fire. The glitch is made much worse when the units can withstand enough bullets to push them back into a rock. Darth Gunfrak may still make appearances now and then (we're still working on the actual bug after all), but hopefully much less frequently!


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              Any chance of new/different 'map(s)' getting looked into (if it isn't already)?

              Also is the Engineer just a dude with a shotgun or is there any more to him?

              Ah 'Press X to continue loading' thing. I will not miss you! xD

              'Daily Rewards' : Is that a daily log-in bonus type thing?

              Obligatory question : "WHEN IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOON?!?!??!?!?!"
              "Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level & beat you with experience."


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                New/different maps, nothing planned in the near term. It is something we've discussed, but it is deceivingly resource intensive relative to other things on the list.

                There is more to the Engineer, will get more info on this unit soon.

                Press X, agreed.

                Daily rewards, yes. There are some plans to not necessarily be a straightforward log-in bonus thing, but it might get released in steps. In which case step 1 might be more like a log-in bonus type thing.

                February something, best guess. Sorry there are so many variables for these things that it is difficult to pinpoint a day unless we hold the update, which we traditionally do not do.


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                so what about the super man heavy gunner who spawns at 1:30, he has his HP right from the get go before getting to barbed wire


                • SD-PEER81
                  SD-PEER81 commented
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                  Are you saying that this is still occurring for you even after the update?

                • ChairJockey
                  ChairJockey commented
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                  yup, just did a confirmation run, machine gunner spawns at 1:28, runs into landmine surrounded by 6 explosive barrels and survives all the chain explosions and fire, survives a direct hit from a missile, survives 5 full volleys from 6 sharpshooters, a bunker shooting all 3 machine gunners at it, and 4 sniper towers. finally dies after destroyign 1 tower, my bunker, and killing all 6 of my sharp shooters

              • #11
                The perk for extra range (binoculars icon) goes for later?
                PS4/Steam: odytsak


                • #12
                  I love my rifle man so how will veterinary? And the i have had no luck with a single comand card and have spent over $60 on this game. But base wpes? Sounds scary


                  • #13
                    Base reset would be an optional feature that puts your base back to starting position. All your structures are in your inventory and all the rocks/trees are back like a new base.


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                      Since this game is, when small i really would love to get the word out about like in ads. The engineer, will he have a shotgun and cut barbed-wire? If so 10/10. There should be more value in defense win too. Last this, im a huge wwii fan so have so more custom ways of your army would be great such as, changing the wepons to their other counter part, the tomsom could be change to an mp40 or ppsh2000, the rifle to a kar, the mg to a mg42 or 43, the rpg to a panzerserk, ranger could have an stg44 and truck types like the open biltz the soviet gaz, when add tanks different typeds like tiger, panther, firefly, is2, t34-85 . Oh and truck upgrades would be nice, more speed, health, better mg with better range, attack power and the ability to change the gun on top. Ps this took 20 minutes on ps4, lel
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                      • Elite-_Mercenary
                        Elite-_Mercenary commented
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                        I like the Idea of like new weapon skins etc. Actually I like your ideas in general.

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                      Oh and before tanks at guns are going to be need