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Announcement: GUNS UP! Sneak Peek! Terrain Collision Adjustment!

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  • Announcement: GUNS UP! Sneak Peek! Terrain Collision Adjustment!

    Attention soldiers! The 2.90 Update is right around the corner and we wanted to share some info on one of the changes coming to the battlefield. With this update we’ll be adjusting the collision on low lying pieces of terrain giving a number of Units who were previously unable to fire over them the ability to do so. Things like bushes, small rocks, and stumps can now be fired over so that you can hit back at some of those structures targeting you from terrain cover.

    So get ready for the incoming 2.90 Update and be sure to aim high (well, not too high) when you hit the battlefield in GUNS UP!

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    there will still be more surprises with the 2.90 update?


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      Sounds good! I still hope that we would get one new unit.


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        This is terrible news. Please, please dont dumb it down. Strategizing attacks was the biggest part of the fun. Of all the things that could be added/changed...why choose this?


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          Colocar veículos seria uma boa !!!!!!!


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            Instead of focusing on the real xploits, why nerf terrain even more? Every time a "fix" happens is to nerf either units or terrain, pretty soon all terrain will be merely cosmetic. I get that a lot of people find it extremely difficult to defeat certain nightmares but that's the point of them they are supposed to be very hard to beat. There is many other issues that require a fix and get ignored. Please stop all this nerfing nonesense and target the real cheats and bugs that are plaguing this awesome game.


            • Maus_1908
              Maus_1908 commented
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              Could not agree more. Is the end purpose of these 'fixes' that all bases are a walk in the park?

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            Hi all,

            I want to expand a little bit on what this means for Guns Up, and why we went with this approach.

            The terrain that were altered were specifically chosen because they had inconsistencies with whether different units could fire over them. Some units could shoot over these terrain, and others couldn't, and it was really based on how tall the unit was. We never intended the height of a unit to be a factor in gameplay, so we changed these terrain to even the playing field.

            A change that was not mentioned in the original post was the sniper towers. There have been a ton of complaints on the forums about how sniper towers can shoot over some terrain (when placed very carefully) in a way that units cannot fire back. Again, it was never the intent that the height of the sniper tower gave it an advantage (it has enough going for it with its range and damage) so we altered the sniper tower to have vision characteristics similar to that of a unit.

            Both of these changes were chosen because they were instances in gameplay where the behavior of the units or structures was not very clear. We want to make sure that for both attackers and defenders, the way a unit behaves doesn't feel random or unfair.

            This is going to make some of your bases that were taking advantage of this a little less effective, we know, but we feel that this strategy was becoming far too prevalent at the higher level. We're always striving to have a diverse set of strategies in Guns Up and this is one step in that direction.

            We always welcome your feedback for changes like this, so let us know what you think. See you on the battlefield!



            • mendoza0206
              mendoza0206 commented
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              Strategy is the name of the game. You have to choose and pick which units and what perks you take into battles they are as important as which attack cards you take. Each nightmare base requires different strategy to beat it. Being a nightmare means that a lot of people have failed to beat you and if that means making changes to accommodate easy wins then might as well remove the red skulls all together. I myself enjoy attacking hard to beat bases, when I get tired of them I just move to 2 white skulls for easy wins. Hard to beat nightmares are a very important element to this game and if you remove that element you remove part of the reason to play.

            • ContraBanJoe
              ContraBanJoe commented
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              This is great news. I have been waiting forever for this fix to be implemented. The only people that complain about this being fixed, are the ones that have been abusing it. THANK YOU.
              I have been so upset about this problem, hopefully this will encourage people to attack high level bases again.

            • Maus_1908
              Maus_1908 commented
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              Im against these fixes, because they make attacking easier, where I find most of my fun. But if you insist on pushing these fixes through, at least address the pathing glitches at the same time, or people will just move on to the next best thing, which can be seen with ABs.
              Last edited by Maus_1908; 09-14-2017, 12:17 PM.

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            So apparently not only are they dumbing down the shooting meta but also getting rid of the strategic sniper TOWER placement? Bad day for me, ill see how this pans out after the update.. .


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              You gots to be kidding me! Why now...and so late in the game? How bout just fixing all issues at once (walkaround, targeting truck, etc...), don't you realize that now i must spend another 200 gold to restart my base for like the umpteenth time.............! And now time for a good cry...
              Last edited by YoshiOne69; 09-13-2017, 04:59 PM. Reason: Say hello to my little profit.


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                I agree. Not a popular idea at all. With experience you learn to adjust to the current parameters of the game

                i.e. "Some units could shoot over these terrain, and others couldn't..."

                Just because people cry about a sniper tower, doesn't mean change the game. So, yeah, towers can be hidden, temporarily, but its not invincible. Not all players know that, but I guess they do now if they are on the forum. Its a part of progressing through the game.

                I agree wth Mendoza, the nightmares are supposed to be extremely difficult. You shouldn't be able to defeat them on the first try. It makes the game challenging. Certain units will attack those towers with the assist of FFs.

                So whats the cool aspect of the terrain after the update?? Flamers blazing through rocks?? PLEASE LEAVE AS IS and use your resources to shore up other exploits that actually involve cheating and not on game mechanics!!!

                I could be wrong but it seems like it will make the bases even more cookie cutter.

                Do we get a vote?? LOL


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                  O que os senhores estão achando dessa 8 temporada ????


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                    Sobre as torres, nenhuma é indestrutível, basta colocar uma mira do muro que a protege, se mudarem vão tirar o espírito de desafio do jogo. Tanta coisa para melhorarmos como a compra de cartas e vcs querem mexer no que está bom..... Eu voto não.


                    • #13
                      This was on my list of top priority fixes. THANK YOU FOR ADDRESSING THIS ISSUE !!!!
                      LONG LIVE GUNS UP.

                      Now bring on the wave of Steam players, I can hardly wait for a population explosion!


                      • Maus_1908
                        Maus_1908 commented
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                        Thank you for encouraging them to make all bases a walk in the park, and destroying most incentives to strategize.
                        Last edited by Maus_1908; 09-14-2017, 12:02 PM.

                      • robertcr505
                        robertcr505 commented
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                        Yeah, lets not encourage dumbing down the terrain. There is already a limited amount of set ups.

                      • Maus_1908
                        Maus_1908 commented
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                        After watching your attacks vs my base today, and my retalliations vs your base, I have to conclude that you are not good enough in attacking, that is why you want all bases to become a walk in the park like yours. Please dont destroy the fun of others, do not listen to this man please!
                        Last edited by Maus_1908; 09-17-2017, 12:24 PM.