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Announcement: GUNS UP! 3.00 Update Gameplay Changes!

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  • Announcement: GUNS UP! 3.00 Update Gameplay Changes!

    GUNS UP! 3.00 Update Gameplay Changes!

    Rally Flag Changes
    For a long time rally flag has acted as a 'nudge' for your units to move to a tactical position, and some of you have noticed that it hasn't been exactly reliable. In this update we've changed it to be a full override for your units - meaning they'll ignore enemies, even if they are in the way of the rally point. This will alter some existing strategies, but we think it will also create some new ones - you can now rush through a chokepoint, or retreat even in situations where you are surrounded. Paired with this, we have increased the duration of the rally flag by 2 seconds, and decreased the Rally Area size by 35%, and solved a few bugs where units would leave the rally flag area when they're not supposed to.

    Sniper Tower Changes
    Sniper Towers are some of the most powerful structures in the game. We love their role as precision killers, but at the same time we want to make sure that units are able to effectively combat them. In previous updates, units that were rounding corners or walking past very small gaps could get picked off at god-like reaction times by the towers, making choke points sometimes impossible to breakthrough and allowing annoying base setups where the towers could pick off units without any chance of retaliation.

    In 3.00 we've added a very small delay to the sniper towers before they fire. The change is slight and overall won't affect the performance of your base, but if your setup relies on some of these very small windows of time you might need to re-adjust.

    Headquarters Targeting Priority
    In the last update, we reduced the targeting priority for Tents, Mortars, and Anti Air turrets to make sure that units have a chance to destroy damage-dealing units first. This could have a side effect where units would ignore those structures in favor of targeting the headquarters! We've changed that in this update so that you can milk out the maximum amount of points at the end of the battle.

    Bullet Damage Reduction at Long Distances
    One problem that many of you have spotted is that the transport truck, headquarters, and other buildings that aren't in active combat will take too much damage from bullets that missed their targets from long distances. To address this we've added a falloff to bullets that miss their targets, so that they will deal reduced damage after traveling long distances. This will mean that both the attacking and defending forces will receive less damage on units that aren't actively participating in the battle - yay!

    For a full list of the GUNS UP! 3.00 Update Content check it out at

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      No new units, structures, Unit medals, Assault buffs or Accuracy hat buffs. Uh Oh...

      Bullets deal less damage at long distances? Nice. Better rally Flag? Nice. Halloween event? Pretty good. And lets not forget the bug fixes.

      So it's a decent update. Nothing special. I really hope that in the next update we atleast get one new unit. Because it's getting a little bit boring.

      UPDATE: New hat perks! Fire rate hat and Reload speed hat! Note: Accuracy perk hat is still garbage. Devs why didn't you buff it in this update when you decided to add those new Hat perks? The +1% boost from the level 1 accuracy perk hat is horrible. Who thought i would be even decent? It does not increase any of my units accuracy. Total garbage hat.

      You can also get Bonus alliance fights from the Halloween card pack. Ok i think it's wierd but alright.
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        Just did a CPU defense to test this new update, and my truck literally drove through a wall and a sniper tower. After every update.... we all know the rest of the sentence.

        You guys have actually successfully dumbed things down enough to deter me from playing again. Real bugs and problems get ignored, the fun part (attacking hard bases, for me at least) gets changed. Fell in love with the game and saw its huge potential, umfortunately the game never realized its potential.
        Thanks community for the good times!


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          So far I’m liking how the units react to the rally flag, they seem to regroup fine around it. I’m also liking how the units destroy the tents now. This update was a good thing, free Halloween stuff is always good. Now if you can please fix the dang blue screen, you guys had fixed it now it’s back worst than ever the game lags so bad during wave defend. The frame rate drops to 1 per 15 seconds...very bad it’s unplayable.


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              What about crashing games what about loadings?????????????? Why you didnt do anything for loadings time smaller take a worker iphone.if you dont know help the other corrportions....


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                About new rally flag , you made a mistake, it's not good idea


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                  Rabah speaks truth. Falling back was never an issue and usually worked just fine in the game, but now you've destroyed the offensive utility of rally flag. "Rushing through a checkpoint" as you state doesn't work because everyone sits around without firing back, waiting for the rally flag to end - exacerbated by the fact it lasts 2 sec longer.

                  Rally flag used to be awesome because your front line would ignore "decoy" structures (e.g AA, mortars, etc.), focusing on troops and towers ahead, while reinforcements would rush to replace falling troops.

                  The rally flag change feels like a solution looking for a problem.
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                    This just looks like a patch to me... a couple of fixes and such... readjustments, ect...

                    I think 3.0 is a bit of a leap... 2.94 would've been better.


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                      Quickly shorten the distance from the sniper through the banner
                      Sniper usually stay at the end,Use the banner with a large number of infantry
                      This may be a new tactic ....

                      Game developers have been to reduce the difficulty of the game
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                        To be fair, the old flag was a pain but the new flag is also a pain. There needs to be a compromise between both the old and new flags.

                        With the old flag some of the troops ignored the flag completely or ran for it, then changed their minds half way there and resumed wherever they were headed before the flag was placed. With the new flag the troops ignore everything else regardless of where they are or what they are encountering and run head strong and head long into a barrage of death fire especially if the flag is placed anywhere if front of them near an ongoing battle. As it stands right now if you want your engaged in battle troops to have a chance of surviving you can only place the flag inside of the fire line so the other dispatching troops will advance to support them. If the flag is placed in front of them (or to their flanks) too far they will disengage the fight, move and die. Place the flag too far behind them and the engaged units will retreat. But if under heavy fire and they disengage the fight, turn to run, they'll die by not covering their retreat with suppressing fire.

                        The new flag is great for moving non-engaged troops on the battlefield but otherwise it basically will make your troops commit SBF (Suicide By Flag).

                        My real question or concern is why we can place a flag either at the top or bottom portion of the battlefield screen directly next to a wall. Focus fire the wall right next to our troops have congregated and the wall gets destroyed. But the troops REFUSE to advance through the opening without another flag, rather choosing to turn and head for the middle of the map filled with barbwire and death? Why? In what realm of the village of idiots would anyone choose that option? Isn't that why we focus fired the wall (right next to where they are standing), to bring it down so they will pass through? I for one would love an explanation of this insanity as to why this occurs and when it would be replaced with something more logical. Perhaps the nightmare bases wouldn't be such a nightmare if the infantry units weren't so filled with the village idiot.

                        As in the old saying, the definition of an idiot is doing something over and over, again and again in the same exact way but expecting a different outcome. I would say the example above constitutes an idiot. I continually see the example above in both attacking and defending.

                        Enjoy the game and have a blessed day!


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                          Rally flag change is in some ways an improvement and in other ways a detriment because it used to be good as a way to make your troops less stupid telling them to shoot the right stuff instead of dying in the choke trying to round corner to attack something docile. Hopefully a further improvement can make it serve both purposes or maybe we all need to forget about how it used to work and it becomes a "retreat" flag only.

                          The other 3 changes all sound like great choices to me. Kudos to the team.

                          Edit: Having played some more, I am starting to warm up to the new Rally Flag. Sure they are suicidal when you tell them to march forward, but at least it is working very consistently. The responsibility is on the player not to Rally them past a point where they should start shooting back before they all dead.
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                            Parece que a atualização está falhando em algum aspecto. Sempre comigo. Isso é depressivo.


                            It looks like the update is failing in some respect. Always with me. This is depressing.