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Live Item News: GUNS UP! New PvP Campaign is here!

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  • Live Item News: GUNS UP! New PvP Campaign is here!

    We’re excited to share the new PVP Campaign opponent selection map and rewards in this latest update for GUNS UP!

    The old opponent selection screen has replaced with new visuals and a number of changes to rewards and difficulties.

    Each opponent defeated will now add a bonus item to the Campaign chest. The chest is awarded and opened automatically once enough victories are earned in the campaign. Once a campaign is complete a new map with new opponents will replace the old one.

    In order to improve the matchmaking experience, the number of difficulties have now been reduced to 3 from the previous 7. We’ve also removed the munitions buy-in so all battles are now all free regardless of difficulty or rewards.

    Overall these changes mean more cards & more munitions for players. We hope you enjoy these changes and addition to the game as we continue to work on improving the experience of GUNS UP!

    Click image for larger version

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  • #2
    Only 1 Target available just the center area is shown even after victory , also switching from pvp to friends is an instant crash

    All Units that had perks equipped are all lost.

    Also no option to view target base details

    Edit 1: Perks returned

    Edit 2 new areas of map now showing up

    Edit 3 :Base Details returned

    Edit 4 Perks have disappeared again

    Edit 5: perks returned again

    Edit 6 After changing from PVP mode to friends mode you will crash and LOSE all perks Temporarily, to fix this restart the game
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    IGN TonyBananas @ PC


    • #3
      Same here, only shows a little base in the middle of the map, nothing happens when I click it. Switching from pvp to friends is instant crash...


      • #4
        My perks are disapearing as I browse through them and select different combinations. What am I supposed to do about this?


        • #5
          try arrow keys to select other areas , but after first 5 are done that doesn't work for next area *shrugg* great update<input new sarcastic remark here>


          • Blaxboidash
            Blaxboidash commented
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            arrow keys arent working for me i also feel bad beating up this 1 skull lol

        • #6
          This new update is great I think.
          But I have an issue with my campain, I keep playing pvp games, but my campain count stay at 1/5.
          Keep up the good work, and stay strong in those buggy times xD


          • #7
            We're looking in to these issues and fixing them as fast as we can. Thanks for your patience!


            • #8
              Remember when we got different opponents after each battle rather than just having to destroy the same person over and over and over for 24 hours? That was fun.


              • #9
                Thanks for the info guys, please keep it coming! The team is looking into these issue right now.


                • #10
                  Opponent options: 1-white skull, 2-white skulls, 3-red skulls. I never saw anything higher than a 1-red skull and 3-white skulls usually wipe the floor with me.

                  I fought the 3-red skulls and bulldozered his base like it was nothing. Got some great cards. Realized I could farm this single base for 24 hours if I wanted to. Quit the game before temptation got the better of me.

                  Evil Kermit meme: "Do it. Get those epics. Slaughter his veterans. RUN THE SERVER INTO THE GROUND!!"
                  Last edited by Thalia_01; 11-29-2017, 02:11 PM.


                  • #11
                    Couple of things as we've made a small quick change in the background. Are you seeing more than 0 or 1 opponents now? Are you able to progress past the opponents that weren't counting towards your Campaign Rewards?


                    • Blaxboidash
                      Blaxboidash commented
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                      I see a 1 white skull a 2 white skull and 3 red skull

                  • #12
                    now all you get is error restart application when you restart everything including steam same message when you try to play the new pvp opponent once you have perks


                    • SDS-GregN
                      SDS-GregN commented
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                      Where are you getting this error? Can you please provide the steps you're taking before you receive this error?

                  • #13
                    Well it's working great for me now, attempting my 2nd pvp campaign. Playing on PC/Steam

                    See previous issues here:


                    • #14
                      are the campaign rewards on a daily reset because cards are no longer being added
                      IGN TonyBananas @ PC


                      • #15
                        The 3-skull nightmare on my campaign has already had his vets killed off I'd have to guess. By the time I hit him the first time he had no vets so they probably already got killed off. Anyway, I think the devs are gonna need to rethink either the campaigns forcing you to attack the same players, or just remove lives from vets. Otherwise what's the point in even having vets defend your base if they can just be farm-stripped faster than you can even replace them?

                        I crashed once so far when trying to get into the ALLIANCE tab. Clicked on the tab and before it loaded up the game crashed.

                        As for hitting the campaign bases, killed all 3 of 'em multiple times and no rewards from it so... how many times do we have to beat up on the same poor guys to get any rewards besides the normal cards?
                        Last edited by Nihilism*PC; 11-29-2017, 03:19 PM.