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Announcement: GUNS UP! 3.11 Update Content

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  • Announcement: GUNS UP! 3.11 Update Content

    GUNS UP! 3.11 Update Notes:

    • Completing any mission, even during off season will now reward bonus Alliance battles.
    • Changed the matchmaking system for better attack distribution and to facilitate the Campaign Mode.
    • Added a graphic to represent extremely challenging opponents when retaliating.
    • Fixed memory leaks that would cause frequent crashes.
    • Gifting Depot now defaults to the Alliance member list.
    • Leaderboards now default to weekly.
    • Added messaging when cross platform alliance chat messages are blocked due to region restrictions.
    • Fixed an issue where unit stats wouldn’t display their boost from Medal modifiers.
    • Fixed an issue where alliance names and banners wouldn’t appear correctly when viewing an opponent via the replay menu.
    • Fixed a display issue when hovering over a tent in build mode.
    • Moved difficulty rating for Friends and Retaliations to use the same difficulty ranking system as PVP.

    • Fixed an issue where text wouldn’t fit in the drop-down box from the settings menu

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    Edit: I retract my last statement - game is broken for me in both CPU Defend and now PVP.
    Last edited by Burrocca*PC; 11-29-2017, 05:11 PM.


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      Now we need new units!


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        i play on pc , your new campaign pvp map doesn't work with mouse and barely with arrow keys , once you complete first area you cant fight anymore "next opponent you cannot select" i cant imagine you wish us to stip pvp'ing in a pvp game .


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          When i try to enter alliance chat ingame my game just "red text of error" me, just wanted to let you know and i got some stuff whit the campain map to, cant see the buttons on where to attack, only on my 3 skull op, but i can click on them and fight, they are just not visual for me


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            Alliance button doesn't work,
            Error: close the application and restart it to continue, over and over again.
            No access at all to my Alliance.
            PS4/Steam: odytsak


            • SDS-GregN
              SDS-GregN commented
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              Hey Ody,

              So just as simple as clicking Alliance on the HUB gets you the 'close application and restart to continue' error?

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            After finished the campaign, PVP does not work. Error: 'close application and restart to continue'. Also, the new campaign map is so weird, I can only select opponent by arrow keys.


            • SunnyRT*PC
              SunnyRT*PC commented
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              I'm also getting that same error after completing my campaign.

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            I'm also getting that same error after completing my campaign.


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              Campaign has been working great for me. I have completed a few campaigns and no crash so far but I do restart after wave defend warning. Recycling feels smoother and so does card selecting before battles.