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Announcement: GUNS UP! New Matchmaking System!

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  • Announcement: GUNS UP! New Matchmaking System!

    Hey guys, we’ve rolled out the new PvP Campaign along with the new Matchmaking System in today’s 3.11 Update! And, like we previously messaged, we are assuming that the new Matchmaking System is gonna require a bit of fine tuning. That is where you, The Community, comes in!

    We’re looking for your feedback on the balance and consistency of opponents offered by this new system. The best way to generate this info is to simply play GU! and then let us know your thoughts on the selection of opponents you were presented with at each difficulty level.

    We request your patience as the team expects the first few days with the new matchmaking system to be an adjustment period. However, we will be actively tuning with high frequency to iron out any hiccups you may experience. While the matchmaker may have some initial issues, we’re confident the overall system will improve long term.

    Lastly, to accommodate for the new difficulty options, we have reset all players’ “Average Opponent Difficulty”. When you begin playing it will track as usual, but the old averages have been reset. This is a great opportunity to take control of your new legacy!

    Thanks in advance to everyone for all of your feedback that is sure to help make GU! a fun and balanced experience for everyone!

    -The GUNS UP! Team

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    I just attack the same guy twice on a map and defeated him but didnt receive a chest reward, he's still on the map. It was the bottom of the 4 on the map. The first guy attacked disappeared and blew up and the map cleared. Than, I attacked another player next to the map piece I eliminated and defeated him, nothing. So I currently have the 1/5 chest reward,
    4 successful wins and kind of confused. Some hiccups at the moment, an object is not being passed that should be?

    If I select friend under PVP campaign I get a Server error: Please restart game and try again on PC/Steam, I dont have any friends on the list anyways so maybe no database to access?

    Edit: Eliminated a 2nd player from that map now and have a 2/5 reward. Another player reappeared, is this all intentional or am I experiencing some issues?
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      Thanks for the info B! The team is currently looking into this issues.


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        Its running great right now, all issues resolved and just cleared my first PVP campaign with full chest rewards.

        Great work dev team and amazing real-time support resolving the issue.

        Time to for my 2nd PVP campaign!


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          I only get one opponent ?

          Its not a choice anymore ?

          Not liking changes then all ready !! This one opponent forced attack option makes mission completion idiotic !!!

          Additionally removes the aspect of when someone doesn't feel like grinding against hard bases, at times I see at times my 2 skulls were high as 10,000 base range, often full levelled up walls an ultra perked units, with better hero perks than I have.

          Hoping its just some kind of glitch, not the final bullet to kill the game.

          Or expect I just didn't understand the new attack options set up???


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            The greatest update ever! Thanks GU! Team. I really love the campaign map. The game is smoother than ever before, recycling is much faster and the game is loading a bit faster then before. A big shoutout to the GU! Team for making a great update. Thank you!



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              I am running into more problems.

              I've had 5 crashes during the new PVP campaign, only produced one report, otherwise it just closes the entire game without warning. This is a new problem that has never happened prior to the update. Just played my first CPU defend since the update and experienced a freeze crash like 5 mins in, bgm playing but otherwise completely unresponsive, I had to kill the task to exit.

              Update: I may have found the access violation causing issues for many players, just need to pinpoint and recreate the fix and crash problem on other users machine.

              So far no crashes, CPU defend is running well, PVP is running great, other than the matchmaking rebalancing but it is improving quickly. Stars are correlating much better with difficulty, despite base power. I hope its not a fluke, because if it isnt than the rebalance is well on its way to improvement.

              Not sure if the dev team has been working on the PVP campaign issues still for both platforms. Steam/PC is running excellent overall on my end.

              Do not have PS4 to confirm, anybody else having
              improvements? I just heard from someone else that the PS4 campaign is a mess still.
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                I have been playing since the beginning of the game. I have seen the changes. And for me the last change in the matchmaking had increased the difficulty but after a period of adaptation the smoothing is done naturally.

                But there, what has happened? Why ? I can not find my game anymore! I do not like the new system at all. Before I could choose a quick part or different degrees of difficulty. now all are oriented, forced. it's not fun. I am extremely disappointed.

                It's pretty and the campaign mode would have been a good idea if this was an additional mode.
                In the end, I do not see an evolution but a big step backwards.
                I admit I do not watch the forum regularly. it was a wish of the community?
                I played almost every day. Now I can not find pleasure anymore. It's the opinion of a player among many others, but you have to ask for a return, so that's it.
                I hope it will improve. I will return to see from time to time. For the moment I stop

                Sorry for my broken English.



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                  I’m waiting to see how his new matchmaking system will affect AB. Will it give easier or harder matches to all?


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                    Here is my opinion on the new matchmaking rating system: RUBBISH.



                    • KittenHuffer
                      KittenHuffer commented
                      Editing a comment
                      That good?!?
                      I was rating it a lot lower than that!

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                    Thats the biggest rubbish i ever saw on that game.Every single update kills that game more and more.Thats not mine opinion only,i was talking with few guys from my alliance and they thinking the same.I stopped to play player vs player mode at all because of that new update.Just i cant see the right players rating out there:if i see one skull player then i'm taking cheapest attack cards that i have,and boom i'm getting 2 or 3 red skull opponent in front of me instead of 1 regular skull!!!What should i do???Another thing the: your choose of opponents!Before update you could choose from 6 different levels of opponents,now 3 only.For my alliance players nobody likes that new update because of that!!!Please make the game playable again,and do not kill that game like yous trying to do with most of updates!Thanks.