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Announcement! Veteran Exploit Fix

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  • Announcement! Veteran Exploit Fix

    Attention Soldiers! Last night the GUNS UP! team implemented server checks at various points in the game and during login that will trim excess Veterans. This means if a player earns Veterans past the limit, they will not keep them for defense or for attacks. This will put an end to bases with dozens of Veterans, and attackers who can deploy vets far beyond what was intended.

    Please let us know if you come across any more veteran issues and we will address them. Thanks!

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    Nice to see some positive news regarding this
    Alliance: Helldivers
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      Thanks for taking action on this one!


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        happy to this getting sorted


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          I want you to know that is a bug(maybe can call it cheat)happen to attack pc player.It is HQ will spawn 2 set HQ squad everytime.
          Last month i attack a player call Bathara in alliance “TOXIC” just make me carzy.His base power over 10000 points and spawn 10 grunts(with poison bullets) and 4 sharpshoots(with endless clips) everytime,even if i have 11 mins to attack but that is no hope to farm attack cards by ton of grunts because 4 sharpshoots are so powerful.
          I had tried to attack his base 3 times and his HQ spawn 2 set HQ squad everytime so i had report him in game and i think it is no use

          Not only this player happen this bug,this bug happened 3 or 4 times in different pc players
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          • SDS_Chase
            SDS_Chase commented
            Editing a comment
            We've seen some accounts which have duplicate HQs. It sounds like you ran into a base with this issue. We are actively seeking to find bases affected by this so we can clear the extra HQ out.