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Announcement: Special Operation: Running Riot!

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  • Announcement: Special Operation: Running Riot!

    Attention soldiers! Starting on Wednesday, Jan. 24th @ 12pm Pacific and running until Wednesday, Feb. 7th @ 12pm Pacific, Special Operation: Running Riot will be in full swing! During this Spec Op, we’ll be rewarding a Lvl 1 Steady Perk for every 125,000 Points of damage absorbed by your Riot Units. So be sure to get your Riot Units into the mix, even if they’re just rentals, and have them front and center during Special Operation: Running Riot in GUNS UP!

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    Great timing for this event. Keep those Steady perks coming or we Riot!


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      What about players under Lvl 30 whom don't have access to the Riot? I'm at Lvl 46 and I, plus some others I know never use the Riot, it makes the game to easy to run over your opponent. That's why you see so many people running the Riot, Medic, Surgeon and 1 other specific unit through bases farming 3 star veterans.

      How about a mission where a player doesn't use the Riot but gets a special card after say 5 or 10 consecutive attacks or something to that nature?


      • mendoza0206
        mendoza0206 commented
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        Are you saying your opponents are so easy that you don’t even bother to use the Riot? Do you attack nightmares? Have you ran into any bombardier bases? Any 5:30 top ranked PvP bases? The riot in my opinion is a very valuable unit to any attack.
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      • Kenpo_Kid69
        Kenpo_Kid69 commented
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        The whole point of these events is not just to get you to play more, but to also serve as a learning tool and get you to play outside of your comfort zone by forcing you to run the featured unit and build your loadout around them. High level players already have Riot, and low level players can always rent them.

      • col1162
        col1162 commented
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        No, my opponents are not so easy. Yes, I attack 3 skull nightmares. Yes, I run into bombardier bases. Yes, I do retaliate against players. I can only attack what the game allows me to.

        I didn't say the Riot was bad or not valuable or anything like that, I just choose not to use him that's all. I like to use a more diverse attack squad. I constantly change it up using different units, just not the Riot. As I stated too many people just use the Riot, Medic and Surgeon with 1 other unit just looking to farm 3 star veterans and nothing more. Am I wrong on this point? I have used the Riot for a short stint, a long time ago. I have about 130,000 towards his medal but then I found other ways to attack without him and that works for me.

        Kenpo Kid likes to run the Assault squad and some choose not to so why can't some choose not to use the Riot? Try not using the Riot sometimes and you might find the game a little more challenging or exciting getting past someones defenses.

        It's true you can rent them, after a certain level and if you have the munitions or gold to do it.

        Lots of players don't play all events and that's okay and it has nothing to do with a comfort zone. And no one should be upset over a suggestion of having an event where the objective is to not use the Riot in your Load out. This suggestion could be used for any unit or for a specific full listed squad for a load out event.

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      Hey question, is this event task doable in defends? I did it the first time defending against the AI and got rewarded a Steady perk, but then it just stopped working after that. Is that a glitch or is it supposed to be for attacks only?

      The event description makes it sound like it could be either.


      • SD-PEER81
        SD-PEER81 commented
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        Can you still earn points towards this SpecOp in other modes?

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      No, it worked the first time I ran a defend, but then it stopped working for defends after that. It doesn't work on friend matches either.

      You only get credit for it now when attacking another player's base.


      • SD-PEER81
        SD-PEER81 commented
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        Okay, Attacks only was the original intent so its weird that it counts for 1 Defend and then no more. In any case, if it still works for Attacks that how it should be.