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Live Item News: GUNS UP! Sneak Peek! New CPU Defend Mode!

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  • Live Item News: GUNS UP! Sneak Peek! New CPU Defend Mode!

    Attention Soldiers! The incoming GU! 3.30 Update is bringing BIG changes to CPU Defend mode! We’re introducing an entirely new scoring system which will test your strategic command as you try to dispose of as many units as possible in 20 minutes.

    With CPU Defend’s new score-based leaderboard, enemy units will grant points when killed. The more units you can weather, the higher your point total will be. You’ll also want to tactically place your specials, as multi-kills will now grant high point bonuses. Just don’t get too comfortable in the trenches! The enemy waves will now use specials of their own to break your line of defense! The current CPU Defend leaderboards will be archived on the GUNS UP! website so that they can be referenced in the future.

    It’s a brand new day for GUNS UP! CPU Defend! Who will be the first to capitalize on the enemies’ weaknesses and climb to the top of the leaderboard!?

    Click image for larger version

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    Finally some changes has come to CPU !
    Originally posted by MO8E5795 View Post

    CPU & Waves should combined for one thing, and then has to be levels; each level about 30mins.

    For example, if u finish cpu lvl1 u go to lvl2 which is harder & more valur in prizes and so on.

    So, we'll have 2 types of cpu, one attacks our bases , and one like events(48hrs once a week)lvls' bases we attack them.

    I hope made it clear for u.


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      Well both my bases are number 1 & 2 guess I'm done

      Tomorrow I'm going for 100k why don't we get rewards for beating 30???


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        Hello GU! Team,

        it seems you want us to put more and more time in this game.
        now the cpu def is no longer a place to farm ammo..
        the thing is, i only can fight against 3 red skulls with using tactical boots card.
        but now i cant buy this common card and its still super rare.
        I dont need a new recycler and a better way to buy packs now because i'm out of ammo soon (because spending millions of ammo to get a pair of boots).
        please explain me what is your target?
        now i need to fight against 2 skull players.
        there are other important reasons too. Building a base is impossible, new players cant play now etc etc etc.
        some players have 50 000 000 ammo because they use speed perks and play since 2016 and that is ok, but its not ok, to spend the double time to make this game playlable if you have other perks and still building your base.

        PS: the next season could have a big change now. And remember the season is one of the big reasons to keep the players.
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          will the rewards refresh on the new cpu defend'? as i got a fire barrel but there are no more rewards in the list


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            It's a nice change to CPU but very cheap with munitions, why?


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              Vraiment nul cette mise à jour. Impossible de passer la vague 21 par manque de temps, aucune récompense, très peu de munition enfin bref encore une fois très déçu. Ils vont encore perdre des joueurs


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                  and this is all that you entered in 4 months?

                  you lose players, because playing the same thing becomes boring!


                  • Kumiankka98
                    Kumiankka98 commented
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                    yeah its kind of sad that this is the only thing they got for us...l.

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                  Can we have new units instead?


                  • #11
                    New units plz like gun jeeps and the ability to upgrade units say for instants the grunt upgrade him to marine with better stats